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Actor Robert Picardo can't wait to finally get his divorce case against estranged wife, Linda Pawlik, finalized.

January 14, 2016
First published on:January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Robert Picardo can't wait to get his divorce case against his estranged wife, Linda Pawlik, finalized. The American actor and singer, who is best known for his portrayal of The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, is eager anticipating the end of his marriage with his estranged wife. 

A source close to the Legend star said that Picardo has been waiting for the day when the divorce with Pawlik would be finalized. According to the source, the actor has become quite sacred after his former wife was arrested and charged with being an accessory to murder. 

“He is quite scared since it was found that Linda’s gun was used for the murder of her friend Edward Mello. Though she has been arrested, he still feels unsafe and wants the divorce to be finalized as soon as possible,” said the source. 

The Star Trek: Voyager star filed for divorce from his wife in 2012, after being married for almost 27 years. The couple tied the knot back in 1984 and they have two children; daughters, Nicollette Arianna and Gina Emira. 

Though the actual reason is unknown, the actor, aged 62, cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the main cause behind their separation. After three years of separation, Picardo also applied for a restraining order against Pawlik, claiming that Mello was killed with her gun.

According to TMZ, Picardio told the judge to remove Pawlik from his property as she posed mortal threat to him. He also accused her of being associated with violent criminals and drug users.

Then, after six months, the estranged wife of Picardo was arrested and charged with being an accessory to murder. She was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department as she was thought to be associated with the murder of her friend Edward Mello, who was found dead on the Woodland Hills hotel room. A single gunshot wound was found on his body. 

Though the case was thought to be a suicide, Jorge Rodriguez was later arrested for the murder and Pawlik was arrested as her gun was used as the murder weapon. And it is since then Picardo has become petrified for his life and safety. 

As per the insider, the actor believes that if Pawlik’s gun was used for the murder of her own friend, then she is capable of inflicting physical harm on him as well. “He is petrified that if he does not divorce her in time, he would have to see Linda frequently. He is thinking of applying for a restraining order against her as soon as the divorce is finalized,” stated the insider. 

The divorce has never been easy for anymore and for this particular couple, things have turned nasty. 

In 2014, Pawlik claimed that Picardo hurt her during a fight. But neither of them was arrested. And the divorce, public feud, fights and Pawlik’s gun on a murder scene has left all of us scratching our heads.

The couple was fine for 27 years and spending such a long time with the same person is not a joke. So what happened between Picardo and Pawlik that their relationship shattered all of a sudden, inviting loads of troubles and controversies at the same time?Well, only they know. 

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars.


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