Anne Moranis' death in 1991, wife of Actor Rick Moranis. What happened?

HitBerryPublished on   18 Dec, 2016Updated on   11 Feb, 2018

Sometimes when you get too frustrated and depressed, you decide to spend more time by yourselves, right!


Similarly, that is what Rick Moranis did when he lost his wife in 1991. He had to go through tough times and didn’t really show up in front of the camera for almost 2 years. But is his life over now? Is he dating anybody? Find out.

Rick Moranis and Anne Moranis

Rick and Anne married in 1986 but they took quite time to expose about it. The couple is together from a long time and in a strong bond. So, they didn’t really have any problems regarding their relationship nor were there any signs of divorce.

And it seems as though the pair knew each other pretty well and they accepted each other the way they were. Sometimes things knock the door without an invitation and make life difficult. Same is the case of Rick Moranis, Rick’s heart fell into pieces after he lost his wife Anne to ‘Breast Cancer’ in 1991.

Rick Moranis and Anne Belsky Moranis Rick Moranis and Anne Belsky Moranis    Source: nevnet

Doesn’t it hurt badly when you lose someone that you have known for years? I am pretty sure you guys can understand the pain he had to endure. Furthermore, the Ghost Buster star Rick even quit Hollywood. But he is quite protective of his personal life and doesn’t reveal much information on how he is doing or what he is up to these days.

Rick and Annes’ Children

Though Rick and Anne didn’t speak much, we do have some information about their children. They have two kids together, and it appears like they had quite hard times too after they lost their loving mother. But Rick did a fine work and been taking care of them pretty good. Hats off to you, Rick.

Rick Moranis    Source: cdn3.thr

Is Rick Moranis Dating anyone?

Would you feel like dating when you have lost someone you loved the most? Likewise, he has pretty much been living a single life since he lost his wife. Moreover, as indicated by whosdatedwho, Rick Moranis is single and he is not gonna marry anytime soon.

Rick Moranis Rick Moranis     Source: splitsider