Actor Richard Kind and wife Dana Stanley, married since 1999, getting a divorce

HitBerryPublished on   27 Dec, 2015Updated on   27 Dec, 2015

Actor Richard Kind and wife Dana Stanley, the much adored celebrity couple who were rumored to separate in 2014, are really heading for a divorce. The divorce is most likely to be finalized by late spring of 2016.

They both issued a statement in 2014 when the rumor that they were going to separate surfaced, stating that the rumors were false and that they were not heading toward separation. However, sources close to the family have said that the rumors of possible separation were true and that they were in fact on the verge of separation and only reconciled at the last moment.

Now, the reconciliation seems to have lost its effect and they are freshly headed for a divorce once more. Richard had said that he hoped there would be no separation in their future as it would be very hard on his two children. Sources close to the couple have said that the reason behind the divorce is Dana as she continued on with her affair with an unknown man in spite of promising to end it last year when she was forgiven by Richard.

Richard and Dana were married in the year 1999 and have two children, a daughter Samantha and a son Max. The famous Hollywood actor George Clooney was Richard’s best man at his wedding. In the early years of their marriage, Dana was an exceptional wife to Richard according to Richard himself. However, all of that began to change a few years earlier after she began having affairs.

As a professional, Richard has had tremendous success. He has already been featured in over forty different productions so far, most of them being movies. His most notable performances have come from ”Mad About You”, “Spin City” and “Argo”.

He is currently working on four different projects, the most immediate being ”Albion: Rise of the Danann’, which is set to premier early in 2016. The second is “The Paper Store”, which is set to release in early summer of 2016.

His extended projects are “The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler” and “Cars 3”, which is expected to release in the early months of 2017.

This year alone, he received wide spread recognition from fans and critics alike for his voice over for the character of Bing bong in the box office hit movie, Inside Out.

Richard supported the movie from the very beginning and has even said several times that it was sure to win the Oscar in the best animated film category, mainly for being more beautiful than any animated movie in the past five years.

Richard also said he did the movie for his children as he wanted them to hear him act in something they would absolutely love. He has said that he continues to do animated movie because his children love him in them.

Richard’s net worth has been estimated to be around $12.5 Million dollars.