Actor Richard Burgi and wife Liliana Lopez thinking of adopting children??

January 5, 2016
First published on:January 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Rumors have it, Desperate Housewives actor Richard Burgi wants to adopt a child with his wife Lilliana Lopez. The actor, who plays the role of Karl Mayers in the hit comedy drama, has revealed that he wants to father a child once again according to one of our sources.

Sources close to couple have revealed that the ‘The Sentinel’ star wants to experience the joy of raising a child with his second wife. He reportedly believes that raising a child together will bring him even closer with his present wife.  He has already raised two children with his former wife, Lori Kahn.  

Burgi’s wife is reportedly incapable of giving birth to her own biological children. This has made the couple, who want to raise a child together, consider the option of adoption.

Burgi already has two biological sons from his first marriage. His first son, Jack, is 19 years old now, while his second son Sam is only 15 at the moment.  His sons are reportedly closer to their mother than to him. This is believed to have also been another factor that caused the actor to consider the option of adoption.

It has also been claimed that the actor has however not decided what exactly he is looking for in his adopted future child. Our sources believe that the couple have been considering a female child of Hispanic ethnicity. The actor’s wife is also Hispanic.

The American actor is considered a very child-loving person. He has reportedly been close to his child co-actors during the filming of his shows. He has also displayed his love for children in several of his former interviews.  He is very active in charities that work for the welfare of children.

The actor has been married twice in his life so far. He was married to Lori Kahn in 1995. The two decided to part ways in 2011, ending their 16 years long marriage. The actor, however, is now very happy with his current marriage and hopes to never get divorced with his wife ever.

He first started his acting career by performing in soap operas. His first TV role was for the TV show, Viper. His first lead role came in 1994 when he was hired to appear in One West Waikiki. Later on, he acted in series like The District, 24 and Judging Amy. He has also made appearance in Desperate Housewives and One Tree Hill. He has acted in movies like Fun with Dick and Jane, In Her Shoes and the horror classic Friday the 13th.

Burgi is not active in social networking sites. This has made it very difficult for his fans to keep up with the latest happening in his life.

The American actor’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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