Actor Reed Diamond and wife Marnie McPhail, married since 2004, getting a divorce??

February 24, 2016
First Published On: February 24, 2016
by HitBerry

No! Actor Reed Diamond and wife Marnie McPhail is not getting a divorce any time soon.

Actor Reed and Marnie got married in 2004 and they are leading a happy married life as of now. However, this is Diamond's second marriage.

Diamond and his Ex-wife, Fredrika Kesten got married in 1995. Alas! Their marriage couldn’t last even a half decade. They got divorced in 1997. After the divorce, the actor was kind of grief stricken for a while. Even though they got separated for good, Reed was unable to get over Kesten for a while. It happens as such thing don’t get vanished all at once.

After some years, he met actress Marnie McPhail. They dated for almost two years and got married in 2004.

Their close friends have to say that even though Marnie is his second wife, it feels like Reed got married for the first time. They look cute together. Their compatibility is something that is enviable. Hence, them getting is just a rumor.

Well! Once again Reed and Marnie are not getting divorced anytime soon. Their common acting and music career acts as a leverage of their strong relationship as per Juicy celebs.

Apart from working in movies and tv shows, Reed plays guitar for the band ‘Chuck Valiant’, where his wife Marnie is the lead singer.

Reed Diamond is a 48 years old American actor plus guitarist. He is mostly acclaimed for the roles of Det Mike Kellerman on ‘Homicide’’; Jason Pillar in ‘Life on the street’ and reccurring character Laurence Dominic on ‘Dollhouse’. He has also appeared in ‘The Shield’ and ‘The mentalist’.

Before being an actor,  he wanted to be a policeman and attended the Police Academy in Los Angeles. But the man belonged to Hollywood.

Diamond kicked off his acting career in 1990 as a protagonist in the movie ‘Memphis Belle’. You all have seen the movie, haven’t you?

After that he started appearing in movies and tv shows simultaneously. His movie credit includes: 'Imminent danger' (1994), "Killers" (1995), "S.W.A.T.: Harrelson men" (2003), "Spider-man 2"(2004), "good night, and good luck." (2005), "My life is in ruins" (2007) and "Moneyball" (2011). Most of these movies are hit and rated above 6 according to IMDB.

Reed is a type of actor who really know how to balance work and personal life. He is neither secretive nor extra open about his personal affairs.

His net worth is reported to have been significantly increased in 2016.