Actor Raphael Sbarge announces new comic at Comic Con, gives one-on-one interview to children and adult fans

HitBerryPublished on   28 Sep, 2015Updated on   26 May, 2021

Comic Con is an event for children of all ages and adults who are still in touch with their inner child. People, even in their mid thirties or forties who love comics and have an inner child in them, can attend the function without feeling outcaste at the venues. Comic con has lately become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in America, which has now spread to over hundred countries and more.

There has always been some sort of gap prevalent in the Con as to the various comics based on age. There are some comics particularly for the adults and some for the children. This was done mainly to tackle the graphic horrors that come with comics that display violence at whole new levels.

In a recently concluded Comic Con in the American city of Baltimore, Maryland, comic artist and various television personalities, most importantly Raphael Sbarge announced that they have plans for a comic which will entertain children and adults alike with no age barriers. This declaration was met with high applause and thankfulness to Sbarge. When this comic series appears on stands all over the country, it will be a milestone in the comic industry as there have been no comics which have breached the age barrier in the last ten years or so.

Raphael was also available for autographs and photos in the designated celebrity autograph area, where he was seen interacting with fans and comic writing aspirants. He was seen giving words of advice a few attendees and also taking a lot of selfies with the fans who were gathered there to meet him.

Raphael also gave away special gifts to some lucky winners of a lottery. The prize included a signed Blu Ray CD of “Once upon a Time”, and “Murder in the first” –two shows he starred in. The lucky winners also got a chance to have a one on one interview for over fifteen minutes with him and also got to take home customized show merchandise.

Raphael’s career as an actor has spanned a number of TV shows and Movies. He has been known to feature in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, the most famous being “Independence Day”, “Pearl Harbor” and his most recent” By way of Helena”, which just premier a few months back. On TV he has been seen in the popular TV show Once Upon A Time and Murder in the First.

Raphael has had quite an interesting personal life. He has been married twice , the first time with his long time girlfriend and the mother of his two children, Lisa Akey .They were married for over fifteen years before filing for divorce in 2009 and officially separating in the year 2010. After being single for about two years, Raphael again tied the knot with Jenna DeAngeles, whom he had just briefly met for about a period of six months.  Raphael has just turned 51 years of age, having celebrated his golden jubilee last year.