Actor Philip Daniel Bolden, age 20, opens up on what he wants in a girlfriend

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Philip Daniel Bolden, aged 20, knows what qualities he wants in a girlfriend and we have got all the detail about it. 

A source, who claims to be close to the now inactive Bolden, revealed everything we needed to know about the qualities the actor desired to have in his future girlfriend. They spilled the beans on what sort of girl Bolden would love to date and what he wants to see in the lady who would be the love of his life. And the reliable source also revealed the reason behind Bolden’s absence from the Hollywood scene.

The American actor and rapper, who is best known for his role as Kevin in 2005 comedy drama film “Are We There Yet?”, is interested in love and relationship and he wants to be in a relationship with someone, says the informant. 

They further reported that Bolden, who is now single and all ready to mingle with a suitable girl, wants to hook up with someone his age. “Danny is interested to start a relationship with a suitable girl. He is currently single and he is eager to date a girl his age, who could be his perfect love partner. But the important thing is, he would only go out with someone his age. He is not interested in older girls, but a younger one would do though,” explained the talebearer. 

The gossip monger further added: “He is officially an adult and now he is free to date any woman he wants. The most important criteria for his soon to be girlfriend is that she should not be from the show biz.

“I know nobody would believe what I just said. Everybody has a concept that this little boy, who grew up in Hollywood, would surely be dating someone who is closer to the show biz. But they are all wrong. He is keen to be with a normal girl who does normal things and talks about normal everyday stuffs rather than someone who is busy with movies, television, music videos and her own career.

“This is the reason why he left, this jacked up place. He felt trapped within Hollywood and the fame that he garnered as a child actor He felt suffocated and was threatened by the fact that this was all going to take him away from his normal life. He wanted to live the life of a regular teenager, which is why he decided to quit Tinseltown and his parents were fully supportive of him. It has been 8 years since anybody has heard of him and he is perfectly happy with that,” revealed the anonymous source. 

They further added that Bolden had started dating a few girls and he is on his way to finding his perfect girl, who could even be his soul mate in future. He formerly dated Aliesha Allen.