Actor Paul Schulze, best known for his role in the TV Show Nurse Jackie, shares why he is secretive about his dating life and girlfriends

HitBerryPublished on   24 Feb, 2016Updated on   24 Feb, 2016

Actor Paul Schulze, best known for his role in the TV Show Nurse Jackie, shares why he is secretive about his dating life and girlfriends.

We all know Paul Schulze as Eddie Walzer in the American medical dark satirical comedy-drama series ‘Nurse Jackie’.

The actor has finally opened up about why he has been secretive about his personal life until now. He recently tweeted about how much he loves his fans but hates how media makes a news of everything.

He has not been spotted publicly yet dating or having a girlfriend. As mentioned earlier, he knows how to keep his love life personal.

In an interview with IMDB, he silently shared how he is annoyed when cameras follow other celebrities down the street whenever spotted with an opposite sex. He simply does not want the thing to happen to himself.

He has been very reserved about his girlfriend matter. However, we definitely know for sure is that he is not married yet. Further wife and divorce is something yet to come in his life. And before you even ask he is not gay, either. His close friends say that he had a girlfriend back when he was in high school.

As a matter of fact he is apparently single and might be ready to mingle in course of time. He is at the height of his career right now. According to people’s magazine, he would like to get married before he hits sixty. He is at the age of 53, and it is worth watching when and who will get to tie a knot with him.

He kicked off his acting career right from his high school. Not long after graduating, he landed his first feature film role in a critically acclaimed movie ‘Laws of Gravity”. After that he starred in numerous movies and TV shows. Now he is one of the acclaimed actors in Hollywood. He has been active in the industry since 1989.

The actor had a notable role in ‘The Sopranos’, where he portrayed Father Phil Intintola, a priest with an arguably inappropriate fondness for Carmela Soprano. He also appeared in three seasons in the widely successful show, 24 as CTU director Ryan Chappelle before his character’s unexpected controversial demise.

The actor has many movie credits as well some of which include New Jersey Drive, Clockers, Don't Say a Word, Panic Room, Zodiac, Rambo, and Are You here. Most of his movies are critically average rated.

Despite playing remarkable roles in many series and movies, he has not yet received any awards. Perhaps it must be true that a hero need not be acknowledged by rewards.

The net worth of the actor is reported to be around $1 million.