Actor Nick Sandow opens up about acting in the Orange is the New Black series

HitBerryPublished on   02 Oct, 2015Updated on   25 May, 2021

Actor Nick Sandow has been cast as the warden of the women’s prison the show Orange is the New Black and he recently shared his experience on the show.  


Nick has confessed that he was actually brought into the show for a guest appearance. But, due to his outstanding portrayal of the character, he was asked to be series regular. Moreover, he was made a part of the main cast.

His turn of fortune in the show is mainly due to his instant popularity among fans as well as the attention-grabbing characteristics his character has shown over the season.

Nick says that he feels very fortunate to be part of the show, which has shown him a whole new world of women’s sacrifices and women’s will. His character, which is somewhat of a pro-feminist in the show, has influenced him in taking a stand for feminism.

Moreover, he also opened a whole new outlook into feminism for him, his family and close friends. He said, "How wrong and less informed we are about feminism has left me shocked." 

Regarding his character, he has said: ”He definitely managed to overshoot and for the first time in his life was exactly what he needed to do”. Shadow, who himself was raised by a single mother, has said how grateful the show has made him of his mother’s sacrifices and struggle while raising him.

Nick’s fans were surprised by how he landed in a female prison, but he has said he isn’t surprised as he was always confident in his acting abilities. He has also said that he has always known how to live with women because he grew up with three sisters and a single mother in the Bronx. 

Nick was introduced to the series after he made his appearance in the later episodes of the third season, which concluded around a month back. He has also confirmed that he will be part of the main cast in the upcoming fourth season of the series.

Nick is a versatile actor but is mostly known for portraying a civil force of the state. He has also had a number of appearances in other successful TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, Third Watch, Blue Bloods, CSI: Miami and Law and Order.

Nick is already 59 years old and continues to be a sought-after actor. Nick is a very popular personality on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He is also one of the very few actors of an older generation who uses social networking frequently.

He has said he is a fan of the picture sharing site Instagram and how it has helped him to connect with long lost friends as he had no clue about how they were. He has over 65K followers on Instagram, one of the highest following for an actor from the eighties.