Actor Nick Roux, who is currently without a girlfriend, likes dating strong independent women

December 11, 2015
First published on:December 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Are you searching for someone from the movie Industry who will fulfill all your desires and be your ‘Sugar Daddy’? Then Nick Roux certainly isn’t the guy you should be chasing! The ‘Lemonade Mouth’ star has reportedly stated that he prefers someone who is strong and independent for a girlfriend.

 “I like girls that I feel could beat me up, that type of thing. Like, strong, confident women. Like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson: they play all the superheroes and fighters.” The actor said in his recent interview.  The actor hinted that he prefers a woman who is self-motivated and eager for success rather than someone who will settle with what the actor already has.

The American actor reportedly believes that in the modern society we live in, both male and female are equally capable. It is not right for a woman to depend on her boyfriend or husband to provide for both of them. He also believes that if we keep on following this culture, gender equality will never be achieved.

The American actor also clarified that he himself is not gay, but he is an advocate of equal rights for people regardless of their sexual preferences. He added that shirtless appearances in TV shows were only added when such scenes were needed by the script and that has nothing to do with his sexuality.

Nick Roux was rumored to be dating ‘Jane By Design’ co-stars, Erica Dasher and Mariah Buzolin at different points in his life. It seems as if the both of the actresses are the actor’s definition of strong independent women.  But, he has neither confirmed nor denied a relationship with either of them. So, it cannot be concluded whether the actor was really dating them or not. He was also previously linked to Lemonade Mouth co-star, Naomi Scott.

Nick Roux is only 25 years of age. He has made appearance in several TV series in the Disney Channel. He well known for Lemonade Mouth (2011), Jane by Design (2012) and his upcoming role in ‘Tomato Red’ has caught much hyped. He has also shown his singing abilities in the Disney shows he has played. His voice is considered to be soothing by his fans.

The actor’s appearance in different Disney series has won him millions of fan throughout the world. Some of those fans follow him on his social media outlets. His Instagram alone has 27k fans. He frequently posts photos from his holidays and of his meals to keep his followers entertained.

The actor’s net worth remains undisclosed at the moment. The actor is appearing as a main character in his upcoming movie. It is believed; that after playing this role, the actor’s net worth as well as fan following on social media will increase exponentially. 

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