Actor Nicholas Braun dating co-star Dakota Johnson? Are rumors of him getting serious with his new girlfriend true?

January 6, 2016
First Published On: January 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Is actor Nicholas Braun dating his co-star Dakota Johnson? Rumors are already spreading far and wide that he is getting serious with his alleged girlfriend. 

Yes people! Rumor has it that the Perks of Being a Wallflower star, who portrayed the role of Ponytail Derek in the movie, is dating the Fifty Shades of Gray starlet, Dakota Johnson. The speculations about their relationship surfaced after the duo was seen getting cozy with each other on the set of their upcoming comedy movie, How to be Single. 

Both the media and fans pointed out the fact that Braun and Johnson seemed happy and comfortable together as they were spotted getting cozy while filming scenes for the much awaited feature film, which also stars Dan Stevens, Allison Brie, funny Rebel Wilson and Damon Wayans Jr.

So is sexy Johnson actually his new love interest? Are they really dating or it is just a rumor?

Well, we might have the answers. We exclusively learnt from a source close to the actor that though Braun was interested in Johnson, he is not dating the hottie. We know you all might be heartbroken, but it is the truth, or at least that is what the source claims. 

“There have been rumors and speculations about Nicholas and Dakota’s relationship. But the truth is they are not dating each other and Nicholas is currently single and he is happy to be on his own,” said the source.

The actor previously dated Suite Life on Deck star Cody Kennedy back in 2007, but their relationship did not last for long. 

The source further spilled the beans on how the rumors were not true and added more about Braun’s single life. “He is single and definitely not ready to mingle. He has started getting recognition in Hollywood and he wants to keep going and eventually reach the height of success. He is single but that does not mean that he does not want to date anyone in future. He is interested, but does not want to start a relationship just yet as he is more focused in getting into a few good movies,” explained the insider. 

The informant also said that Braun was super interested in Johnson. “He likes Dakota, but he does not want to date her. Because the two have worked together in the film Date and Switch, they are close friends. And Nicholas would rather keep it that way.”

Johnson previously dated musician Noah Gersh and actor Jordan Masterson. 

According to the informant, the actor is actively working towards achieving something and becoming somebody in Tinseltown. “He has a dream of becoming someone well respected within the industry. He dreams of becoming an actor and not a celebrity. He does not want to be taken lightly, so he is working as hard as he can to be fulfill his dreams. And only then he would he seriously consider dating someone,” told the gossip monger. 

So we would like to wish all the best to this young and talented actor, aged 27, for his future in Hollywood and his future girlfriend. He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars.