Actor Michael Gladis and Girlfriend Beth Behrs, dating since 2012, might be breaking up

 Rumor has it that actor Michael Gladis and his alleged girlfriend, actress Beth Behrs are splitting.

We are not quite sure about the veracity of the scoop because neither Gladis nor Behrs have opened up about it. But a few sources have informed us that the couple, who are said to be dating each other since 2012, are about to put an end to their relationship.

One of the sources, who seemed pretty confident about the information she had on the couple, said that the lovely pair, who started their relationship not more than three years ago, are about to separate from each other. She further added that Gladis and Behrs relationship is on the verge of collapsing as the lover duo, who were seen together most of the time, have stopped being seen with each other.

The insider said: “The couple has been ignoring each other’s company as much as they can. If you haven’t noticed them then let me tell you one thing, their relation is on the rocks. They are rarely been seen together.”

Another source piped in: “They used to attend each and every award shows and functions with each other. Michael was always there for Beth’s big moment and she on his. That was how things worked before but anymore.

“There is something not right between them. Last time Beth was seen having a dinner with her girl-friends and Michael was nowhere to be seen,” added the later source.

According the informants, the Mad Men star, Gladis and The Two Broke Girls fame, Behrs are having personal issues, which they don’t want the people to see. They are trying to keep everything straight and make it look like all is well but actually it is not. One of the sources shared the idea that the Gladis, who recently appeared in Hollywood movie Terminator Genisys in the role of Lieutenant Matias, might be the reason behind their crumbling relation. He claimed that Gladis had dreams of making it big in Hollywood, which is why the small screen queen is not happy with him. But the next insider believes that the reason is something else.

It revealed that the Third Watch star is involved with another woman. The informant confidently recalled the time when it saw the actor with a mystery woman recently. It said: “I saw Michael enjoying a lunch with a lady who looked nothing like his girlfriend. Beth is blonde whereas the woman was brunette.”

But the insider also added that the woman could be anyone, his relative or old friend or even a sister.

In this game of guessing the reason behind the pair’s breaking relationship, the sources made their own predictions.

One guessed that Michael wanted to get married with Beth but she does not want to because she is at the height of her booming career. It claimed that the actor, who was on his way to his early 40s, wants to settle down with Beth, but the actress does not want to be his wife so soon. But one might never know what is going inside their heads.

Whatever the reason, we hope that the couple reconciles and stops this pre-marriage divorce as soon as possible. And if they are indeed splitting, then the news will be on Instagram and Twitter pretty soon.

Gladis has appeared in several movies and has the net worth of $3 million.