Actor Marcus Scribner, age 15, thankful that his parents encourage him and keep him grounded

HitBerryPublished on   16 Dec, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021

The role that parents play in the life of child celebrities is vitally important. They ensure that their kids don’t ruin their life because of their early success. Child star Marcus Scribner has recently disclosed how big a role his parents played in his success.

 Black-ish star Marcus Scribner has recently spoken about how his parents are the reason he has made it in Hollywood. He is only 15 years old and believes that he still has a lot of thing to learn from his parents before he starts handling his business by himself.

Marcus has praised his parents for helping him become successful as an actor. “My parents have taught me to work hard to achieve my dreams,” the actor said to our reporters. He also added that he learnt not to be disappointed when things don’t work out from his parents.

“She chooses my haircut. She chooses what I wear and she chooses where I go for a vacation. The choices she had made for me have worked out great for me so far.

There are plenty of children out there who don’t have their mother to do these kinds of things for them. So, I can’t complain”, the actor said.

Marcus has also claimed that his mom has total control over what he does in his life. He has also expressed thanks to his parents for keeping him motivated to try and be better in several of his interviews.

The actor is very attractive. With a medium height and eye catching smile, it is a surprise that the actor still doesn't have a girlfriend.

This could be because his parents have forbidden him from having any relationship until he goes to college. But it is claimed that Marcus is very close to one of his classmate from his high school. The name of the girl, however, is not known.

Marcus Scribner plays the role of fourteen year old Andre Johnson Jr. Dre, an apprentice who is of black ethnicity to a Jewish character.  His character is the so-called "nerd" who is confused by the world around him.

His performance in the TV series is very well received by his fans and critics alike. Outstanding performance on the show has also landed him roles in movies like ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

Being a typical teenager, Marcus is very active in social media platform. In his interviews, he has also claimed that he is obsessed with popular mobile game ‘Clash of Clans’. His Instagram @marcuscribner has 57k followers.

It is filled with photos of his family and the people he looks up to in the entertainment industry. His Twitter account is also very popular. It has around in 10k followers.