Actor Lukas Haas longs to stop dating indiscriminately and settle down with a steady girlfriend??

December 30, 2015
First published on:December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Fear of spending old age all alone seems to have finally caught up with Inception star Lucas Haas. He has been dating women very casually till now. But, in his recent interview, he revealed that he now wants something more than a casual relationship.

 “Leading a single life has its advantages. You have complete freedom, nobody’s going to tell you what not to do and what not to do. You can fool around sleep with anybody you like with no consequences. But after you reach a certain age, you lose interest in it”, Haas allegedly told one of our sources. “When you reach my age you desire steady companionship, not just causal hookups “, he added, hinting that he has had enough of sleeping around.

Haas has been in relationships with famous Hollywood faces like Lindsey Lohan, Natalie Portman and Lindsey Lullmann. Now, the actor has apparently claimed that those meaningless relationships did him more bad than good. He also made it clear that from now on, he will only be dating somebody who has genuine intention to settle down with him in case things work out.

While Haas’ love life is still an unsorted mess, most of his friends from the entertainment industry already have steady relationships. This is thought to have been the driving factor behind the actor’s motive to find a serious girlfriend.

The actor claimed that he, however, has not yet found the person he wants to be in a committed relationship with just yet. The actor also clarified that he is not gay and his future girlfriend doesn’t needs to be necessarily hot. Sources close to the actor claim that he is currently very close to ‘Who Loves the Sun’ co-star Molly Parker. He reportedly is interested in her.

Haas has been pursuing a career in acting for over 3 decades now. His first screen role was in the 1983 Holocaust movie, Testament. He gained mainstream recognition when he made an appearance in Witness. He followed his role in the movie with stellar performances in movies like Lady in White and Solarbabies.

He has received an Emmy for his role as Ryan White in TV movie, The Ryan White Story. The performance he has given in movies like Red Riding Hood, While She Was Out and Inception was well received by both critics and his fans.

The actor also has a keen interest in music. He is drummer and pianist for the rock band The Rouges. The actor, along with his band, has composed music for soundtracks of several movies including Breakfast of Champions and Last Days.  He has also released a solo EP in 2008.

Haas is not active in social media platforms. To his fans displeasure, he has no official Twitter or Instagram account.

His net worth is valued at $12 million dollars.

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