Actor Lee Tergesen and his third wife Yuko Otomo, married since 2011

HitBerryPublished on   23 Feb, 2016Updated on   10 May, 2021

Lee Tergesen is well known for his performance in television drama series Oz and Generation Kill. Lee also appeared in the second season of the series ‘The Blacklist’. His performance in various movies are worth the praise from viewers and critics alike.

Although Lee started his career with minor roles, his career boosted off with his portrayal of the character Tobias Beecher in the hit American series Oz. Similarly, one of his best performance was in the American TV shows Generation Kill as Evan Right

Due to his performance, he was given the role of Frank Hyland opposite to Mary-Louise Parker in the TV series The Blacklist. He is also set to have a minor role in the upcoming American horror series ‘Outcast’ set to premier sometime in 2016. The date of release has not been announced but is likely to be around May-June.

Lee Tergensen does not hesitate to play unusual roles such as the gay character in The Americans and The Alpha House. The fact that he does not hesitate to play these kind of roles might be because of this sense of professionalism and his respect for the job.

Lee is a professional person but tends to add humor to it. For instance once he was asked about the best kisser between his wife and his co-star Christopher Meloni to which he replied the latter. The reason he gave was – ‘When I kiss my wife, I don’t see cash’.

Lee Tergesen married Yuko Otomo while he was in Japan in 2011 and they had a daughter, Lily in 2012. They are a happily married couple. Lee was married twice before and he does not have children with any of his previous wives. He married his first wife in 1994 and got divorced 3 years later. Similarly, his second marriage was in 2001. This too lasted only for 3 years and got divorced in 2004. On his visit to Japan, he met Yuko Otomo who was an art therapist there. Despite being of a different nationality they fell in love and have been together for a five long years and it seems as if he has finally found the one for him.

These couple can be spotted in various programs and shows together. They appeared together on the premiere of the series Copper that was held at Museum of Modern Art, New York. It can be deduced that Yuko is very supportive of him. Lee describes himself as a family person and deeply cares for his family before his career. He does not disclose his personal life to the public. It does not seem that he has any immediate plan for having a second child. 

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.