Actor Laroyce Hawkins, age 27, opens up about what he looks for in a girlfriend while dating

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jan, 2016Updated on   27 Jan, 2016

“Beauty is what it counts the most in a girl I date”

Hell yeah it does if you are thinking of dating Actor Laroyce Hawkins. When it comes to dating, look really matter to him. From a recent post in his social media, we can infer what kind of girl he wants to date.

Despite his statements, Chicagi Fire star Laroyce is an openly romantic person and we can even infer that he likes to play a bad ass guy. He has been reported to have dated many girls before. Recently, he broke up with his kindergarten girlfriend because, according to him, the charm just faded away and he is not interested in her anymore.

That’s kind of a horrible thing to say, but kudos for being honest!! But no matter what, girls do not stop falling for him. I mean, come on!! Who could possibly resist this handsome hunk?

He says that if a girl wants to date, he is always ready. Dating is thrilling to him. It seems like he is seeking the one yet, is having a lot of fun with all the wrong ones right now. In fact, he has reportedly said that he does not have any plans to get married any time soon.

He has explicitly asserted that he stays away from the girls gossip about their relationship in public.

Recently, he has revealed a few clues from which we can guess the potential qualities he seeks in his girlfriend and his future wife. He likes to date a girl who is related to his field of acting or possibly media because he does not have to undergo a conflict of interest if the girl is from outside of the show biz.

Laroyce Hawkins, age 27, grew up with his parents and a younger brother. He majored in acting from Illinois State University. He also worked in theater before pursing his career on screen. Even in theatre, his performance was remarkable. One could possibly see his devotion to his work. 

After graduating, he started his acting career from Detroit 1-8-7. His performance in this small role paved the way for him towards major roles. He is doing a fabulous job in his current role as Officer Kevin Atwater in the running American series Chicago P.D.

One may even say he was born to play the role of a cop. He also has had frequent appearances in yet another American series, Chicago Fire. The rumors hit that he was so good that many directors have offered him the role of a cop in several movies.

He stands tall at a height of 1.90 meters. He perfectly fits the ideal description of ‘tall, dark and handsome’.

Given that he has dated many girls and is still dating, we can claim that he is not gay. This dashing actor has a net worth of more than an average American actor and he sure has earned it.

As mentioned earlier, Laroyce Hawkins is active on social media and often posts feeds on Twitter and Instagram. He has a significant number of followers that shows how much he is loved by his fans.