Actor Lance Reddick and wife Stephanie, married since 2011, starting the process to adopt; plans to adopt a lot of children into their family

HitBerryPublished on   24 Feb, 2016Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Actor Lance Reddick and wife Stephanie might be planning to adopt a lot of children into their family.

The Lost star might be in the process to adopt a lot of children into their family. While nothing has been confirmed about how many children they're going to adopt, according to People, it might be 4 or 5.

Now it is time for us to wait and see how many children get to move in with Reddick. The website further adds about his interest to adopt a homeless child rather than from an Orphanage. It is rare to find such a big heart these days.

Lance and Stephanie got married in 2011. They are having a happy marriage as of now. And the couple wants to adopt rather than giving birth right now.

A close friend of the actor shared with People that he has a scheduled visit to an orphanage. Also, he is very generous towards the homeless children, but he did not have an idea that Lance would come up with such a decision.

Actor Lance is like a rolling stone, especially in TV shows rather than movies. He is an American actor and musician. He is best known for portraying Cedric Daniels in The wire and Philip Broyles in Fringe. He is also notable for playing the role of Detective Johnny Basil on Oz and Matthew Abbadon in the fourth and fifth season of Lost.

The credit of the success of this actor goes to him and only him. He has shared about his hard days in the beginning in the field with “As I got further into my career, as a character of color, if I was going to have the types of opportunities I felt I deserved, and continue to have them, I was going to have to start creating those opportunities for myself.”, he says. Also he mentions that persistence is the key to become an established actor in Hollywood.

From an interview with, we came to know that he had to go through fire and rain to be a star in music industry. Though America is a free nation, black people have to struggle more even now. “You don't see a lot of black rock stars. The music industry tends to be segregated stylistically. It's hard for a black artist to cross over to rock music.” He says.

The actor is very secretive about his net worth and has kept his private life away from the public eyes. However, it is crystal clear that actor earns fairly well considering his decision of adopting many children.