Actor Lance Henriksen, who has been married and divorced twice, becoming estranged from his children??

February 23, 2016
First Published On: February 23, 2016
by HitBerry

While getting married twice is nothing unusual in the show biz.

Lance got married to Mary Jane Evans in 1985 and the couple got divorced in 1989. His second marriage was to Jane Pollack whom he tied knot to in 1995. Though it lasted for little over a decade, their personal differences ultimately caused them to drift apart. Lance had one children with Mary in 1987 and one with Jane in 1999. Although he might have divorced both of them, he seemed to be in good terms with his children until recently.

Henriksen is now 75 years old and it may be about time when he needs to be taken care of by his family. But now the time has come, not only has he any women to care of him, he also seems to be hitting rough tides with his children.

Being a busy man, he hardly gets enough quality time to spend with his daughter. When a man becomes too professional and dedicated to his career, it is not unheard him not being able to find time for his family. Henriksen is the victim of this truth. He may be a great artist, but he has failed to live up to the reputation as a father. Neither was he able to save his relation with his wife nor with his children.

Having appeared in dozens of movies and TV series, Henriksen has gathered quite a fame for himself. It is never the number of performance that one does but the quality of it that makes a great actor. And fortunately for him, he has both of them. 

Famous for his portrayal of Kerchak the Gorilla in ‘Tarzan’ through voice acting, Henriksen is a famous name in the industry. He was even considered for the titular role in the movie ‘The Terminator’ before the directors decided on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lance was also involved in voicing many critically acclaimed games like the ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Mass Effect’ having received great praise for both. He has also worked with renowned filmmaker James Cameroon thrice already which shows to prove how good he is at what it does.

Henriksen is also a master potter and proud of it. He is also an accomplished painter. Before he got into acting, he also served in the US Navy. Even though his fame exceeds him, it was not until he was 30 that he became literate and started his acting career. He is well known for his role of Frank Black in the American TV series ‘Millennium’.

For his exceptional performance as an actor and voice actor, Henriksen has won many awards and nominations. He was also nominated for best male performer in golden globe awards three times in a row which is a great feat in itself. Despite being old he might not be stopping anytime soon

Henriksen’s net worth is calculated to be around $26 million.