Actor Josh McDermitt, age 37, at the height of his career, looking at a few movies roles

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Josh McDermitt, aged 37, who is at the height of his career, is looking at a few new movies roles. Yes people, we might be seeing him on a few new films very soon!! 

The seventh season of The Walking Dead has already started. The American film and television actor and comedian, who is widely known for the portrayal of Eugene Porter on AMC hit show, is currently exploring himself. Besides The Walking Dead, the actor has appeared on several other TV shows, but it was The Walking Dead that made Eugene into a household name and made him popular. 

Josh recently sat with the and talked about his upcoming projects and how he landed the role of the much loved character Eugene on the critically acclaimed TV series The Walking Dead. 

When asked how many different movie or TV projects were under his belt, Josh said: “I did a movie, a dark comedy called Middle Man, that's about to start making the rounds on the film festival circuit. The director Ned Crowley was old pals with Jim O'Heir from Parks and Recreation. 

“I worked with Jim on a movie in 2014 and he's an awesome guy. So Jim and Ned get together to do this movie and were casting the other lead and they went with Andrew J. West, who played the cannibal, Gareth, during season 5 of TWD. I'm slowly realizing that Hollywood is just one giant web of friends working together.”

He further added: “Middle Man is about a guy who is pushed to the limits in his life and the decisions he is forced to live with once he's at that point. I'm really excited for people to see it. And Jim and Andrew crush it in their performances and I think TWD fans will see another side to me they haven't seen before.”

The interviewer then asked a few questions to the Mad Men star about how he got the role of Eugene and how he felt working on one of the most successful and much loved TV series.

“It was an old-fashioned audition with the casting directors. My agent sent me the audition appointment for the next day and I basically had the night before to create a character and memorize a six-page monologue for the character Eugene, which at the time was named someone else,” he said while explaining how he got the part. 

He added more to it saying: “That's how the producers do it. They are secretive in what information they give out. The material for the audition was a made-up scenario in the pre-apocalypse. They want to focus on character and seeing who this person is. I imagine it would be pretty boring, yet hilarious, to watch a bunch of actors pretend to kill zombies in the audition room. I'm glad they do it this way.” 

Well, we are glad that the producers chose him for the role of Eugene. I mean, who could have done more justice to it than Josh himself? To be frank, we think he was made for the role. 

“I feel like I won The Walking Dead fan lottery. Working on TWD has been so fulfilling in the creative sense. It's awesome to go to work every day and be around people who are filmmakers. We're surrounded by people who want to be there and deserve to be there,” Josh shared his experience about how he felt working on the show.