Actor Josh Brener, age 31, keen to get married and settle down with wife and kids

Actor Josh Brener, aged 31 is currently single. But he is quite keen on getting married and settling down with wife and kids. Yes people! Rumor has it that The Big Bang Theory star is all ready and willing to start the next chapter of his life.

He wants to find a girl whom he can marry, have children and start a family with. But despite all the gossips, we did not know what exactly he is planning to do further. But, a source close to the artist gave us all the inside scoop about his intentions. 

The insider spoke to us exclusively and revealed everything that we needed to know about Brener’s wish to settle down with kids and a wife. The anonymous source claimed that the actor, who portrayed the role of Big Head on HBO television comedy series Silicon Valley, was not just eager to get married, he might have even already started looking for a woman. 

The informant stated that the comedian is all set to take the most important step in his life and he is not just happy but also super excited as this is the first time the actor has ever started looking for his soul mate.

“Josh is super-duper excited, you see. He is planning on settling down with wife and kids and for that, he has started looking for his soul mate. And to find your soul mate, you can’t just simply stay in your room and wait for the right woman to walk right in. If you want to find her, you need to go out and meet women and talk to them, make them interested in you and that is what Josh is doing right now. Or that’s what his friends are making him do,” the source said playfully. 

The gossip monger further stated that The Internship fame had never been comfortable about taking girls out on dates and it was a real challenge for his friends to convince Brener to see a few girls.

“He was fearful that he won’t be able to impress the ladies and might mess things up. He wants to get married, but dating was out of question. So, his close friends stood by his side and made him believe that he could do it. And now, after a lot of convincing, the star finally agreed to do it. He has already met several girls and is on his way to find his better half,” explained the informant. 

The Big Bang Theory star is on seventh heaven according to the insider. He is on his way to finding his girlfriend, whom he might marry. 

Brener attended Harvard University and graduated in 2007. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars.