Actor Jordan Nagai's parents worried he and his brother Hunter Nagai might get spoilt by Hollywood

Actor Jordan Nagai became a worldwide sensation after he lent his voice to the character Russell in Pixar and Disney’s 3D computer-animated comedy adventure, UP. The then 9 year old Nagai (now aged 15) impressed millions of heart through his sweet and innocent voice and became a star overnight.

He was exposed to the limelight and show biz so early that his parents started getting worried that he might be influenced by the Tinsel town, where one can easily get addicted to fame and ruin one’s life.

But now, this child voice artist is already in his adolescence and he has halted his heightening career in Hollywood because his parents think that he is too young to start a professional career in the field of acting, a source close to the actor revealed. The insider claimed that Nagai’s parents did not want him to continue as an actor as of yet. And this is the reason why this handsome young man is not often seen in the media and the movies. He is continuing his study and will soon be back in action as soon as he completes his high school.  

The source further added that the mother and father of this child artist were quite proud of him and his elder brother, Hunter Nagai. But, they were fearful that the fame and popularity might get into their heads.

“Mr. and Mrs. Nagai are okay with their two sons pursuing a career in the world of entertainment. But they are fearful that the two boys might get spoiled by the fame and popularity. And this is the reason why the couple want both their kids to complete their studies first,” explained the informant.

They also stated: “The parents love their children and they do not want them to go on wandering down the wrong path from where there is no return. They would be more than happy if both Jordan and Hunter pursued their dream and passion only after they both became adults and old enough to distinguish right from wrong.”

Jordan garnered love and acclaims globally as he voiced Russell in the Disney blockbuster Up, which won two Academy Awards. Before Jordan was cast in the role of Russell, his elder brother Hunter originally auditioned for the very role. But it was young Jordan whose talkative nature won the heart of director Pete Docter, ultimately winning him the iconic and lovable character’s role out of 400 children who auditioned for it.

Russell is the first Asian-American figure in a Pixar movie. The film became the second animated movie after “Beauty and the Beast” to receive an Oscar nomination in the Best Picture. Looking at the popularity and success of the movie, both commercially and critically clearly shows how famous this young guy became after the release of the film. So, it is quite obvious for his parents to worry about him getting spoilt by the so-called Hollywood where, if a celeb appears, ten paparazzo follow him/her with flashing cameras.

His net worth remains undisclosed.