Actor Jon Seda, age 45, talks about how he couldn't have made it in Hollywood without support from his wife and children

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Jon Seda, aged 45, has recently talked about how he couldn't have made it in Hollywood the without support from his wife and children.

The American actor, who is widely known for his role as Detective Paul Falsone on NBC's Homicide: Life on the Street, recently sat for an interview with There, he talked about his role as Detective Antonio Dawson in Chicago P.D, about the show itself and about how he managed to be where he is right now. 

In the recent episodes of the NBC series, Dawson’s 8 year old son was kidnapped. When the father of three was asked how he felt while filming the scene, he said: “It's a scary thought, and having to go there, getting to that place mentally of just anger and extreme passion to want to get your child back — it's pretty easy to think about what would you do.” 

He further added: “Having children myself. … I didn't have to dig too deep to pull out the emotions that you'll see in this episode.”

In the series, Seda aka Dawson and his wife Laura have two children, Diego and Eva, whereas in real life he is married to Lisa Gomez. The couple has two children, a son named Jonathan Seda and a daughter named Haley Seda. And the actor always likes to give the full credit of his success to his beloved wife and children.

Seda’s character, Dawson, is an Intelligence Unit detective who works alongside actor Jason Beghe’s character, Sergeant Henry "Hank" Voight, in the show. Dawson is the elder brother of paramedic-turned-firefighter Gabriela Dawson.

And like Dawson, Seda is a family guy who loves his wife and children. He acknowledges the fact that his family has had to move all around the country with him. He lives in Pennsylvania with his family, but the actor has to fly to different cities as per the requirements of his TV shows. And whereever he goes, his family follows. Seda is quite grateful that he has got an extremely loving family, who supports him no matter what. 

During the shooting of the HBO drama series “Treme”, Seda and his family moved to The New Orleans. Now, they are currently residing in Chicago on another extended location shoot. The Gladiator star says that without his wife and children’s support, it would have been almost impossible for him to continue his acting career. 

"We've bounced around. To be able to make it work, my wife has home-schooled the kids. Without her support, it would have been tough. We are a really close family unit, and to be able to be together on location, it's a really good thing," Seda said.

He also believes that moving from places to places is part of the job. "It's part of the job," he told. 

Seda has appeared in several movies and he has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.