Actor John Wesley Shipp will be getting married early next year to his long term girlfriend!!

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2015Updated on   01 Oct, 2015

John Wesley Shipp, who turned sixty this year, is all set to get married early next year. Sources claim that the wedding will be an extravagant affair with some of Hollywood’s top names on the list. John, who is somewhat of a legend among TV celebrities having been in the industry for over thirty years, is marrying a woman who makes a living through a normal profession.

John and his fiancée have been dating for over ten years now. They have remained camera shy throughout all these years and have almost never been photographed together publicly. John has also expressed hopes of possibly getting married sometime early next year to his close friends and family. Although he has yet to announce it publicly, sources close to him claim he most definitely will be tying the knot next year.

John and his fiancée are considered to be one of the most adorable couples one can come across and the love between them is supposed to be very deep. His fiancée works from home and also helps John read through his various scripts and gives him feedback accordingly. John has said she is his biggest critic and she is the main reason why his acting is so exceptional.

She is also known to go through every one of the various work offers that come Johns way and carefully decide as to what he should take up. John has said most of his roles in the past have been intricately dissected by her and that is the reason he has been an outstanding performer all this years. John further said “she just knows what is right for me”.

John, in his early days as an actor, was a considered a hunk among his co- stars for his dark, lean and handsome looks. He made a huge impact in the superhero TV soaps by being the first actor to play “The Flash”. He is currently playing the father of “The Flash “in the 2014 remake of the superhero series.

He was also one of the first actors to win two consecutive Emmy awards for his outstanding performance in “As the World Turns “and “Santa Barbara. His most successful character portrayal has come in the classic TV show “Dawson’s Creek”.

John is known for his tall posture, which has enabled him to tower over average people. His height is 6ft1 and he was one of the tallest actors during the eighties. He is already sixty years old, but he still has got the looks of a forty year old. John, although having a Twitter and Instagram account, is not a frequent user of the social net working platforms. However, he can be followed @ JohnWesleyShipp on Twitter and as johnwesleyshipp on Instagram.