Actor John Ratzenberger, age 68, divorcing his third wife Julie Blichfeldt??

HitBerryPublished on   28 Dec, 2015Updated on   28 Dec, 2015

Are actor John Ratzenberger, aged 68 and his 48 years old sexy wife Julie Blichfeldt on the verge of divorce? Rumor has it, it’s true.

The rumor regarding their alleged divorce surfaced earlier this month and a source close to the couple came forth and gave us all the juicy details about the ups and downs that the couple is reportedly going through. 

Julie is the third wife of the American actor, and entrepreneur. The actor, who is widely known for his role as Cliff Clavin in Cheers and for his several recurring supporting cast roles in Pixar films, was married and divorced twice before getting hitched to his beautiful wife, who is twenty years younger than him. 

And now, it is being believed that John is having issues with Julie, which has driven the much-in-love pair to the brink of separation. The source who claims to be quite close to the entrepreneur and his superhot wife revealed that the couple is having problems in their three years long happily wedded life. They further added that John and Julie might be headed towards a spilt. 

The insider said: “John and Julie are having the most difficult time of their three years long married life. They seemed perfectly happy together, until now. Something is not right between these two. They are having issues for the first time and neither John nor Julie is trying to resolve it.”

“I don’t know what the exact reason might be behind this increasing bitterness between them, but I know one thing for sure. It has to do with money. 

“Julie is used to lavish and grand lifestyle and most of John’s close friends and family members say that the reason why she dated and married him was because of his money. They call her a money-minded gold digger and say that she spends cash like she would drink water. I have heard from one of the family members of John that he was not happy with his wife’s habit of spending money on shopping and parties. This habit of hers began creating differences between the two and now it seems Julie’s routine behavior is about to end their three year old marriage,” explained the talebearer. 

They further confirmed that John, who is a businessman, gave his wife a chance to change herself. But she did not seem interested. “John fell in love with Julie because she was an avid outdoor enthusiast and philanthropist like him. But due to her nasty behavior and negligence, the girl is sure to pay with a divorce,” said the informant. 

“He is thinking of filing for divorce very soon, but I don’t know when,” concluded the gossip monger.
John is a father to two children from his 19 year old marriage to Georgia Stiny. The former couple divorced in 2004. He married Julie in 2012 after dating her for four years. He has an estimated net worth of $80 million dollars.