Actor Joel David Moore unaffected by his split with ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson, whom he was dating earlier this year

November 24, 2015
First published on:November 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Joel David Moore, unlike his recent ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson, hasn’t had many relationships over the years. And the Avatar star had said he valued his bonding with Hudson to be something special and not just a time killer. Prior to Hudson, Joel dated Ally Michalka for a short while in 2011-12.

Joel and Hudson had previously been spotted all over L.A in various locations holding hands and expressing their love for each other. They reportedly had a favorite place of theirs, “Bubby’s Restaurant” where they went for innumerable dates.

However, the relationship was short lived as Hudson called quits with Joel after just two months into the relationship. Sources close to Joel and Kate have confirmed that the split was an ugly affair and it was best they split as it could have gotten even uglier.

Hudson, after her break with Joel, did not spend any time to get back on the relationship wagon. She was soon seen dating twenty three year old pop star Nick Jonas. When asked about Kate’s recent commitment, Joel said he did not feel anything but indifference and that he was already over the short lived affair between the two.

Joel seemed to be unaffected by the suddenness of the incident and was soon seen getting back to work and leading his day to day life in normalcy. Joel has said he is currently very busy at work and has a number of projects to complete and doesn’t have any time to ponder on about such things, when asked about Kate.

Joel has never been married before. While describing his ideal wife, he mentioned a person similar to Hudson.  Joel has never had a long list of girlfriends and rather has kept busy with work. Most of the women linked to him have always been stated by him to be just friends.

Joel has had an illustrious acting career over the years and been featured in many Hollywood blockbusters. One of his movies, which took the world by storm is “Avatar”.  He is currently working on the sequels for the series, which is set to release at the end of the coming year.

Other than his success at the movies, he also has an outstanding resume for a TV actor. He has been featured in over a dozen TV series. Currently, he is a regular cast member at the hit TV show “Forever”. He is also known for featuring in a number of music videos – the most popular being “Waking up In Vegas” a Katy Perry song.

Joel, unlike his fellow celebrities, isn’t much into social networking and seldom posts fresh feeds online. Although he is communicative at times in his social networking profiles with his fans, he isn’t exactly a fan of online interactions. However one can follow him on Twitter @joeldavidmooore and on Instagram as joeldavidmoore.

Joel’s net worth remains undisclosed.

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