Actor Jason Lively and wife Lani thinking of adopting a daughter

December 14, 2015
First Published On: December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Adopting a child is very common among celebrities these days. ‘Brainstorm’ star Jason Lively has hinted that he is also planning to adopt children. In his recent interaction with the media, Jason Lively spilled the very juicy secret.

 He reportedly said that he and his wife Lani Lively are considering the option of adopting a baby very seriously. Lively rarely makes public statements about his personal life, so his shocking revelations have assured his fan that he is, in fact, adopting a baby.

Jason Lively has always presented himself as a child loving personality in his interviews. He had expressed that he would like to have ‘as many kid as possible’ before his marriage. Even though it has not been officially verified, many news outlets claim that Jason’s wife lost her fertility while giving birth to his second son. It is believed that his wife losing her fertility had limited the couple to two children up until now.

But, it seems the two are now ready welcome new members to their family through adoption. Lively has not yet revealed that what the gender and ethnicity of the child he is going to adopt is going to be. It is being reported that the child Lively is going to adopt will most likely be a Caucasian female. He already has two sons, so it is believed that he will most likely adopt a female child.

Jason Lively and his wife Lani had been dating for over 2 years before they finally got married. Lively had had several girlfriends before his marriage. But all of that are things of the past now.  The couple are very close to each other. Their decision to adopt a child together proves that they are very happy with one another.

The actor made his first TV appearance at the young age of 12. He was regularly featured in the pilot episodes of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard.’ The show was extremely popular at the time. His appearance in the show helped become famous at a very young age.

His most recognizable roles came later when he played Rusty Griswold in National Lampoon's ‘European Vacation’ and Chris in ‘Night of the Creeps’. Since then, he has made appearance in several other movies. The most well known among them are ‘Ghost Chase’ and ‘Maximum Force. He has also appeared in the video game ‘Return to Zork’.

He has not made an appearance in a movie for a long time now.  He is reportedly pursing his hobbies at the moment. It is believed that he is working for a computer selling company in California at the moment. He also sells roasted corn with his wife from time to time.

Lively has chosen to stay away from social networking sites at the time. He doesn’t have an official Instagram account.

His net worth is not revealed.