Actor Jason Lee and wife Ceren Alkac getting a divorce due to conflicts relating to the Scientology church

HitBerryPublished on   14 Dec, 2015Updated on   30 Jul, 2017

Actor Jason Lee and his wife Ceren Alkac are getting a divorce. The reason behind their divorce is reported to be Lee’s association with the Scientology church. So are these divorce rumors true?

Lee and Alkac tied the knot in the year 2008. Today, in this particular column we will be talking about the marital life of the couple and the detail information regarding their divorce. Check it out:

Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac getting a divorce?

The ‘My Name is Earl’ actor and his fashion model and actress wife, Ceren Alkaç met at a concert while on vacation in England. They subsequently married in July 2008 in California. The couple gave birth to their daughter Casper a month later and had a son named Sonny in 2012. But despite having the perfect family, the couple is no longer together, all thanks to the Church of Scientology.

Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac     Source: Zimbio

Lee and Alkac have split and are waiting for a divorce. The TV actor’s wife has been accusing none other than the Church of Scientology and its officials for ruining her peaceful married life and family. The model cum actress made a claim after their split that her marriage with her husband broke because of his affiliation with Scientology.

The divorce of Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes was also said to be fueled by Scientology church itself. It is a hardcore rule of Scientology that if a member of the church is asked to give details of their intimate sexual life then he/she has it, no matter what. If he/she denies or defies the rule, the consequences are heavy. Now, at the moment, Jason Lee is no longer a practicing Scientologist.

Jason Lee's Past Marriage

So if we believe Lee’s wife’s accusation against the Scientology then we need to go back to 2012 when the actor’s former wife and actress/photographer, Carmen Llywelyn openly accused the Church of Scientology for breaking her marriage with her former husband. The reason is the one we mentioned above, she refused to give intimate details of her sex life with her husband to the church.

Jason Lee and Carmen Llywelyn Jason Lee and Carmen Llywelyn   Source: dailymail

The actress then revealed the nasty secret behind her heartbreaking divorce with Lee and said:

"Scientology broke my heart... worse almost than Jason did."

Llywelyn married Lee, a devout Scientologist, in 1995 but found it hard to blend herself into the Church and its environment. Due to her reluctance to get involved in the Church’s affairs, she lost her husband’s love.

It seems like Alkac is now undergoing a similar fate and her relationship is rumored to have come to an end. A source close to the actor and his wife claimed that the reason behind the couple’s split is nothing more than the church and its crazy rules and orders.

A source revealed:

“She simply could not cope with all the things she had to do as his wife and as a part of the church of Scientology. It is a nasty place, you see, and Jason always insisted Ceren follow the church’s rules,”

Furthermore, the source added:

“It was inevitable. They were bound to fall apart, just like Jason and Carmen and Tom and Katie. Jason was even forceful with her and at times threatened her to do whatever she was told to do. This required being monitored by the church’s officials in their bedroom and revealing details about their sexual life, mostly sexual positions.

“She was scared beyond her wits and even more scared for her children. They are brainwashing her. This is the reason why she finally decided to leave Jason and the church.”

So, from all these reports, we can only come to one conclusion; Scientologists’ married life have a hard time flourishing and that is what is happening to Jason and his relationship as well. If he and partner get divorced, this would his second divorce. After his divorce from Llywelyn, Lee became engaged to girlfriend, Beth Riesgraf. The couple even had a son named, Pilot Inspektor.

We don’t know if Scientology has made him more famous or infamous. Despite reaching the ultimate height of success through his TV show, My Name is Earl, he now has completely disappeared.

He has an estimated net worth of $18 million.