Actor Jason Gedrick has not been dating. No sign of a girlfriend since divorcing wife Dana in 1997

HitBerryPublished on   07 Sep, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

There are two types of people in the world. One type easily moves on in life after break ups. They find someone quickly after they split with their exes. And the second type who, after a break up, can hardly move on or date anyone immediately. They either date someone after a really long time of their break ups or they never date. Actor Jason Gedrick seems to be the second type.

It’s not like he has not dated or married more than one girl in his life. He has. He previously dated Melrose Place actress Daphne Zuniga in 1986, but their relationship didn’t work out. He later dated actress Tracy Scoggins in 1988. She was eleven years older than him. The couple too separated within a year. Then came the beautiful Dana Lavas. The Iron Eagle actor fell head over heels for the girl. He, who only had brief flings with his former girlfriends, became quite serious about his relationship with the lovely lady Dana. It was not just a mere dating and going out, he was very devoted toward her. His fans had never imagined that the handsome hunk aged 50, would ever marry someone. But he did tied the knot with Dana Lavas in 1989 and shut everybody’s big mouth by proving them wrong.

The couple has three children: Jian Gedrick, Garrett Gedrick, Ty Gedrick. The proud father was happy with his beautiful wife and three angelic children. But something happened within their relationship and the Murder One star’s family life came shattering down. Due to unknown reasons, the couple split up and later divorced in 1997, after eight years of their wedding. Gedrick and his former wife then shared 50-50 custody of their children.

Gedrick, who himself has been a child of two divorced parents, was quite aware that his own divorce would have a greater impact on his three young kids. The actor, who was very busy working on TV shows and movies, was worried that he and his ex-wife would have to struggle to take care of their children. As a part of his work, the actor has to visit several places outside his hometown sometimes for a day and sometimes even for a week or two. It was then he realized that being a father, especially a divorced one, was not that easy. He struggled to maintain his relation with his fast growing children, which is why he never married again.

The Force star hardly had any time to hook up with anyone. He was focused on raising and taking care of his family. But now his three angels have all grown up. Jian who is the eldest of all has turned 24 while his brothers Garret and Ty are 20 and 17 respectively. Maybe now Jason would get some time off to find a find a nice girl to date.