Actor Jake Lacy, age 30, shares dating advice in his interview

January 6, 2016
First Published On: January 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Born on Valentine’s Day, actor Jake Lacy sure seems to know a few things about love! He appeared in an interview last year while promoting his then upcoming movie ‘Obvious Child’. In the interview, he talked about his personal dating experiences and gave some terrific advice on how to keep a girl around. Being a free American man, he was not shy to hide the fact that he had had many girlfriends.

According to him, real women are not after money and fame. Loyalty, passion and love are enough to keep the right girl around for a lifetime. He also added that it is up to you if you want a one night stand or a soul mate. There is no universal advice for dating. But being true about yourself and your intentions is the key.

Through the interview, we found out that he is used to be a rather desperate boy back then. He shared with us one of the most embarrassing moments, where he lied about being a virgin and a few other stuff during his teen. He also revealed that he stalks his girlfriends through social media, especially through Facebook.

From his various interviews, he has not only shared his experiences, but also advised people to do anything that you can to get the person you like. I guess he does not disagree with the statement – ‘Everything is fair in love and war’.

We don’t know whether he is married or not, but considering the fact that he has not disclosed anything about any wife despite his open nature, we believe that he is still unmarried and definitely not gay.

Jake Lacy, age 35, was born into an acting household. He is one of the most talked actors in Hollywood. His father was also fond of acting, so Jake looked up to him and established himself as a successful actor.

About his acting career, he has stated that all the character and roles he got were not too different from his actual self. May be it is the reason behind his acting excellence. He has also said that he would be happy to take on the role of any character where he gets to show his professionalism. .

Jake is an up and coming actor in the industry. Even though he has played in comparatively fewer movies, we love him for his role as Max in Obvious child and Richard in Carol. He also appeared in various television series albeit in minor roles. In the American romantic comedy film ‘Obvious child’ Jake Lacy starred opposite Jenny Slate.

Not only is Jake an extremely likable person, he is also one of the most handsome. Jake excels in his performance on the screen. His acting is something that really took people by the storm.  

Jake Lacy’s net worth is reported to be $500 thousand dollars. We would say it is an appreciable net worth, especially when we consider that he hasn’t appeared in many movies or series. This can be a good start for an actor with such potential. Good luck to you Jake!