Actor Jacob Pitts, known for not dating or having girlfriends, gay???

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2015Updated on   21 Sep, 2015

Not much is known about Jacob Pitts’ personal life. But one thing is quite evident to everyone, he is not a kind of a person who would go on bragging about himself or his private affairs in the media. We don’t know if he is married. We don’t know whether he has a wife or children nor do we know about the actor’s love affairs.

The Justified star has always been successful in keeping the prying eyes of media away from his life. However, this attempt of his has not stopped the paparazzo and hawkeyed media from interfering in his personal affairs. Several attempts have been made by people to find out more about his love life and girlfriends, but without much success. His discreet lifestyle has led many people including his fans to believe that he is gay. So is he? Let’s find out.

Pitts has countless die-hard fans, both male and female. Not only girls, even boys are desperate to know if the Law and Order star is open to dating. But Pitts has hardly opened his mouth on this matter.

Him refusing to date someone or reveal his sexuality has led to a rumor that the actor is indeed homosexual. But despite all the speculations about him and his sexual orientation, the award winning actor has constantly been denying the rumors about being gay. No matter how hard he tries, people are really stubborn and are not ready to believe his denial as a proof of his heterosexuality.

The actor is in his mid-thirties and in his long Hollywood career, he has rarely been seen with a woman. There are some in the industry, who change girlfriends like they change their clothes, but Pitts has never really seemed interested in women. Or maybe he is, but he does not want people to know. We don’t know for sure the reason behind his lack of appearances with ladies in real life.

When the actor took on the lead role of Tim Gutterson on the FX television drama Justified, several tittle-tattles surrounded the show as Pitts character was under the radar of homosexuality. Pitts played the role of a Deputy who kept his personal life close to his chest. This increased the chances of him being gay in the TV series. And the alleged gay character also fueled the rumor in his real life as well. But his sexuality cannot be confirmed just on the basis of rumors that have been spread on the internet.

And if he was indeed gay, it would not be a problem for him to come out, as several celebs have come out openly. Best Ensemble Award winner Jacob Pitts has proved himself as one of a few people in Hollywood who have managed to keep their personal life at bay.

And people, let’s not judge our favorite artists by their sexuality! Being a gay or straight is not what matter, it’s talent, honesty and hard work we should be concerned about.

Jacob has appeared in several movies and TV shows like 2004 film EuroTrip, HBO's 2010 miniseries The Pacific where he appeared shirtless, Law and Order, Sex and The City, Ed and Justified. He has also been a part of a play Where Do We Live at the Vineyard Theatre in May 2004.

He has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The actor is not active on Twitter.