Actor Jack Thompson, age 75, ex-girlfriend Bunkie talks about sharing him with his wife and her sister Leona

HitBerryPublished on   14 Feb, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

Actor Jack Thompson’sex-girlfriend Bunkie recently talked about her 15 year long love affair with him and how she felt sharing him with her sister Leona. 

We all know that the Australian actor and one of the major figures of Australian cinema had had a 15 year polyamorous relationship with Bunkie and her sister Leona in the 1970s and 1980s. But we hardly knew the details of the ‘unique’ relationship among these three lovers. 

And now, after more than three decades, Bunkie opened her mouth and gave away all the secret details of her relationship with Thompson and her older sister Leona in her new book ‘Somebody I Used to Know: Love, Loss and Jack Thompson’.

Actor Thompson was twice Bunkie’s age when he entered into a polyamorous relation with her and her elder sister Leona, who is better known as Le. This not only shocked his fans, but raised the question about the relationship as Bunkie was only 15 at the time. She was just a school girl when she met the handsome actor and their affair lasted for 15 years. 

The actress wrote the aforementioned novel after her son argued with her about her relationship with Le and Thompson, she told A Current Affair last year. She said that her son was not proud that she had sex with her own sister. But only Bunkie knew that it was nothing more than a misconception, so she decided to open up about her romantic hook up with Thompson.

The former partner of the womanizer said that she was really shocked when her own son questioned her relationship with her sister. 

“That really shocked me because that wasn't our relationship,” she said.

“It never entered my head [that's what people thought], so I put it down warts and all.”

Her sister, who was 20 then, was already in a relationship with Thompson and Bunkie was 15 when she entered too. And according to the rule, the siblings were not to sleep with Thompson in the same bed. She was allocated one night per week with the dashing Aussie actor. And when the three moved to Collaroy, Bunkie and Le would have Thompson on alternating nights. 

And Bunkie admitted that she often felt jealous of her sister and wanted Thompson solely.

“I was happy for whatever crumbs came off the table. It did cause problems with jealousy and things like that. I don't think either of us would have chosen it that way,” Bunkie said. 

Though she shared the award winning actor with her sister, Bunkie believes that the relationship between the three was old fashioned and was not something unique as in the western society men generally had a wife and a mistress or maybe even couple more. 

And despite being with two women at the same time, Thompson was never faithful with either of them said Bunkie. He was a womanizer and was never open and honest with both her and Le. And before the three of them entered into the romantic relationship, Bunkie stated that Thompson used to visit her regularly without Le’s knowing. And it was then that she fell madly in love with him. 

Bunkie mentioned in her book, how she struggled to be with Thompson even after she was caught kissing him red handed by Le. 

Bunkie wrote in her memoir: “One night, he and I are kissing and cuddling in their bedroom when Le [Leona] bursts in the door yelling, "What the hell are you doing?"

“He jumps up off the bed and tries to calm her down. I bolt out of the room, down the stairs, through the front door and out into the street. 

“I know there's something wrong with what we've been doing. He's obviously Le's boyfriend and I feel bad for her, but I don't know how to give him up.”

It was not just Bunkie, who was hopelessly in love with him. Thompson felt the same, which is why he convinced the siblings to be with him in a polyamorous relationship that lasted for 15 years. They all moved in together in a house where, according to the actress, she was given a small room while her lover and her sister took over the master bedroom.

Thompson, now aged 75, is often called 'Jack The Lady Killer' by the media.

During her 15 year old relationship with Thompson, she underwent abortion thrice and now she lives with her two children, a son and a daughter. She is a divorcee and a nurse.

While she left Thompson after feeling like she was being an ‘interloper’ between him and Le, the 75 year old actor enjoys a happy life with Leona and their son Billy. 

He was married to Beverley Hackett in 1963 and had a son named Patrick Thompson. They divorced after five years. 

He has appeared in number of movies, but his net worth remains undisclosed.