Actor Jack Huston and girlfriend Shannan Click, dating since 2011, might be thinking of getting engaged

August 31, 2015
First published on:August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

Jack Huston and his girlfriend Shannan Click have been dating each other since 2011. They have an adorable baby girl together. They are young and beautiful and very much in love. So why aren’t they engaged yet??? This is the question that we have been asking ourselves for quite a long time now.

Despite being one of the hottest and most happening couples of Hollywood, The Broadwalk Empire actor and his model girlfriend are still just lovers. They have been together for quite a long time now and the fans of the actor are very much eager to see the two getting engaged and furthermore, tying the knot.

One half of the people argue that the Huston and his sweet heart already share the life of a married couple, so it is not that important for them to get married while other half of them focus on the idea that the couple need to share wedding vows because they have a daughter, aged two. They claim that the pair should at least exchange engagement rings.

Their daughter, Sage Lavinia Huston was born on 6 April 2013 in New York City. And it seems like the proud parents of their genetically blessed girl have finally considered the idea of getting engaged. Both the mother and father of Sage were more focused on their booming career for a lengthy period of time, so they never planned on having an engagement or a nuptial. Huston’s girlfriend was so busy in modeling that, it was said that the sexy diva didn’t want to tie the knot with her beau at the height of her career. And the handsome actor was also pretty busy in several movies and the Emmy winning TV series, Broadwalk Empire that the thought of starting a proper family with his two most important girls of his life almost slipped out of his mind. But now it seems as if the talented actor is very much eager to take a new step with his former Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend.

You must be wondering, from where we got this interesting piece of new. But there are always numerous sources near the celebs like Huston, who are quite eager to share the gossipy stories about our favorite artists. And as per a secret source, the 32 year old English actor has recently bought a huge diamond ring for his tall and sexy girl. The couple is planning to hold a private family gathering and announce their wedding.

The close source also revealed that the Burberry queen was taken aback by surprise as the man of her life suddenly showed up with a ring. The informant claimed that Huston and his partner were over the moon. The couple, according to the informant wanted to keep the whole affair secret but nothing remains hidden from the prying eyes of the media, does it?

We hope that the couple would soon announce their engagement via Twitter and Instagram.



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