Actor Ian Ziering making career decisions based on opinion of his wife, whom he married in 2010, and their kids

August 28, 2015
First Published On: August 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Ian Ziering says that he took on his role for the Sharknado movies because his wife suggested he do.  Talking to ABC News, the actor said that he was not sure about the movie after he first read the script but his wife insisted that he do it. Apparently, she said, "Look, you're going to have two babies (by) this spring, you need to go to work."

"As an actor I get my insurance from the Screen Actor's Guild by union, and you have to make so much every year to get that type 1 insurance," the 51 year old  Beverly Hills, 90210 veteran explained.  

"I probably would have passed on it,"

 "But now it's not just me, I'm providing for a wife and two kids."

"It's so fun. Being a dad is the best role I've ever played, with all due respect to Steve Sanders."

"It really is the best thing ever."

 While this was a few years back, the actor recently also said that he is in fact still a family man.

The actor talked about his family on a segment of The Oprah Show. He said, "I stay grounded by remembering all the things that my parents taught me."

 "My mom always taught me manners; she was always very insistent that I (say), 'Ladies first' and open the door and be a gentleman. My father taught me a very strong work ethic; Dad worked three jobs raising his family."

"I don't do anything unless it benefits my family, or unless I can share it with them. They're my 'why' for everything," the actor added.

"I've got so much joy, it's coming out of my ears right now," he said "I couldn't possibly forget that."

And looks like his family is all for him too. Apparently, his daughter, Penna Mae's first word was Sharknado. And she's only two years old.

"She doesn't even know what the movie is, but Sharknado is the first three-syllable word she's ever said," he told People Magazine. And it's not just Penna either. Her sister, Mia, who is four years of age saw a snippet of his character on TV and expressed some concerns.  According to the actor, "She was mesmerized."

"She saw me chain-sawing my way out from the belly of the shark, and she says, 'Oh Daddy, I'm so glad you're okay!'", the actor said.

The third installment of his film came out this summer and when asked whether or not he'd be up for a fourth Sharknado movie, he replied. "Do you think Tom Cruise would be up for another Mission: Impossible movie? These are so fun. I'm playing an action hero in a science fiction movie. For me, this is a cross between two genres that I have always loved."

We sure are glad he listened to his wife for the first movie. After all, net worth of $8 million dollars is more than enough to run a family.

Ziering married his wife, Erin Ludwig in 2010.  We hope to see more cute family pictures on their Instagram and Twitter pages for years to come.