Actor Hunter Parrish and girlfriend Kathryn Wahl, who got engaged last year, planning to get married secretly?

August 26, 2015
First Published On: August 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Not much has been heard about their relationship since actor Hunter Parrish proposed to his girlfriend Kathryn Wahl last year. The couple is still together and happyin their relationship. But, after the announcement of their engagement, the adorable love birds haven’t talked or said anything about their relationship and their further plans for future. The pair might have remained all hushed up about their love status but they have not been able to escape the hawk-like eyes of the media. We can see everything going on inside the show business and private lives of celebrities. The celebs might try hiding things, but the media is often one step further. Resistance is futile!!

Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that, we have NEWS on their upcoming nuptials!! Juicy news indeed!! After Parrish and Wahl’s engagement last year, their fans had thought that they would get married very soon. But, after almost a year, the couple has shown no sign of planning a wedding. But here is the amazing news! The reason they haven’t opened up about their wedding plans is because, they might be planning to marry each other without anybody knowing about it. Yes! A very close friend of the couple has revealed that the love duo is planning to do it rather secretly and without much publicity. We wish them luck on that possibly futile endeavor.

The actor, who is best known for his role of a cutie pie Silas Botwin on the Showtime’s television show Weeds, was over the moon when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Wahl back in December, 2014. The handsome man, aged 28 even shared an adorable snap of him and his lady love together on his WhoSay account on Saturday. The beautiful image was accompanied by a happy caption that said: '... she didn't say no.' The love of his life, Kathryn, also posted the image on her WhoSay account with the message '... I didn't say no.'

In the selfie, the two were seen close to each other with their hands intertwined together while the Parrish’s blonde fiancé kissed him on his cheek showing off her huge engagement ring. After the announcement, fans and followers of expressed their happiness and congratulated the couple. Back then, when a few fans inquired the couple about their wedding plans, both of them did not seem much eager to answer that question just yet. But now, it seems that the couple can’t wait to get hitched.

As we mentioned before, one of the couple’s close pals spilled the beans about their wedding plans. And, according to the source, the couple especially the to-be bride wants to have a very quiet and simple wedding. She, according to the informant’s information, is quite shy and does not want to ruin the most important day of her life by inviting photographers and media. And we all know that the media hardly stays put when they notice such special events happening in the show biz. And if we believe the friend, then it is pretty sure that Parrish and Wahl will go on for a hushed up nuptial instead of the much hyped one everyone has been waiting for.

The insider revealed that the couple is quite happy as the plan of their wedding is progressing smoothly and they may decide on the date for their marriage very soon.  If the rumors are true then we might see the pair as husband and wife very soon and they might even share their wedding snaps on Twitter and Instagram. Though the informant seemed very confident about the inside scoop, the information has not been confirmed by the couple.