Actor Harry Lloyd might be gay!! Refuses to open up about dating and girlfriends/boyfriends on interviews

HitBerryPublished on   25 Aug, 2015Updated on   25 Aug, 2015

British actor Harry Lloyd, best known for his role as Viserys Targaryen in the famous Television series Game of Thrones, is rumored to be gay. The 31 year old has never chosen to reveal his relationships to the public. So no one knows whether he is dating or not. But people seem to be assuming that his silence is due to the fact that he is ashamed to admit that he is gay.

However, in this matter, Lloyd seems to think otherwise. He seems to believe that revealing one’s own personal lives would make one a public property. And he does not want to become a public property. So he has chosen not to comment on this subject.

Despite these gay rumors, Lloyd has indeed been spotted with women, who might have been his girlfriend. In 2010 Harry Lloyd was spotted with actress Gemma Arterton after a party. They met after Arterton attended her recent film’s premiere the same year. Lloyd admitted, “I was sure Gemma Arterton would arrive late, green about the gills and nursing a roaring hangover (if she turned up at all, of course).”

On the other hand, she came really early. Lloyd confessed that he was quite impressed. But after that incident, there has been no news regarding Lloyd and Arterton. Lloyd did not reveal whether he was in relationship or not. So that was the end of story for him.

Lloyd, who has a height of 1.83m (6ft), does not have any official websites of his own, only fan-based websites. It was natural for fans to presume that he was gay. Still just in his early thirties, he is currently believed to be single.

Talking about his career, Lloyd started acting through plays. He received a lot of praise while beginning his acting career on stage. This fueled his enthusiasm and in 2006 he made his first debut at the Trafalgar Studios in A Gaggle of Saints.

In 2011 he appeared in the hit series, Game of Thrones. He was even nominated for the Scream Award. The following year, he was nominated as the best supporting actor for his role as Matty Beckett in the T.V series The Fear. Currently, the actor is engaged in a yet another thrilling T.V series, Wolf Hall.

Lloyd is also a great-great-great-grandson of the famous Victorian writer Charles Dickens. His mother is the daughter of Captain Peter Dickens. Both his parents are from a literary background. Marion Evelyn, his mother, is a children’s publisher whereas his father Jonathan Lloyd is a head of a literary agency.

Lloyd has never felt too shameful about showing off his naked body. Whenever the script demands it, he shows off without any hesitance. The actor is also engaged in light exercises in order to maintain his slim and lean body posture. He has got 12.4k followers in the Twitter. He is not available on the Instagram yet.