Actor Glenn Plummer trying to win back his ex-wife DeMonica Santiago, whom he divorced in 2014??

February 23, 2016
First Published On: February 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Guys, there has been an explicit rumor that Actor Glenn Plummer is trying to win back his ex-wife DeMonica Santiago. However, seems like it's not true.

Actor Glenn Plummer and his ex-wife DeMonica Santiago in got divorced in 2014 after being together for over a decade. At that time, Glenn was too broke to move out of the house where the couple once enjoyed their married life.

Now, both of them, actor Glenn and Demonica have moved on with their own lives and none of them regret the decision even a little. So, there is definitely no way Glenn is trying to win Demonica back and she is not going to take him back either.

However, the insiders of ‘Juicy Celeb’ claim that even after divorce they have stayed in good terms and are good friends. After their separation in 2014, Glenn shared the roof with Demonica for almost a year. He did not have to pay the rent and neither had he to pay any alumni nor had he to worry for custody of their children.

Ever since their divorce, the actor has not been reported dating or having a girlfriend. However, it is rumored now that Glenn is informally seeing someone but they have not made their relationship official. 

The public has to say that he is taking the relationship this time comparatively slow. Perhaps he does not want to commit the same mistake of getting into someone wrong. What do you think?

With this it is vivid that actor Glenn doesn’t want his ex-wife back.

Now, Demonica lives in Glenn’s house and Glenn lives in California. 75% of Glenn’s property was transferred to Demonica after the divorce.

 “It was her who filed for the divorce, not me”, says Glenn in an interview for a celebrity magazine. He further adds Demonica is a nice person but it is for good thet they got divorced and “Yes, I miss her, she is the mother of my children” he says.

One of their close friends explicitly says that it is true their marriage had hit rock bottom at times but never thought it would end up this bad.

about the divorce, Demonica’s mother said that they were a happy couple back then but Glenn could not give enough time to family and this must have created the communication gap in between them.

Glenn Plummer is a popular American film and television actor. He has appeared in numerous movies and tv shows particularly in supporting roles small bit parts, such as High Top in colors. He started appearing in leading roles in movies like Menace II Society, Speed, Bones, Showgirls, South Central, The Day After Tomorrow, The Salton Sea and Saw II.

The actor is at the peak of success. He was offered the role of Jesse in Riding the Bus with My Sister. In 2014, he produced and was a collaborating writer of the horror thriller film, Teeth and Blood.

The estimated net worth of the actor is around $ 2.5 million.