Actor Glenn Howerton and wife Jill over the moon with their 2 children. "Might have more" in the near future

Are Glenn Howerton and Jill Latiano ready for baby number three? They might be….

The lovely couple, who became parents for the second time in August last year, seems to be making plans for the arrival of their third child. Now, don’t get all excited because Jill is not pregnant at the moment. But she might be planning to be pregnant in the near future or that is what the sources are saying.

Several sources have revealed that the beautiful couple is pretty eager to expand their sweet small family in upcoming days. One of these sources, who claimed to be very close to the family, informed that the parents of two kids won’t having any problem adding a few new members to their cute little family. According to the informant, the love duo is very much into their two adorable sons and they might welcome more siblings for the children if needed.

Glenn’s pretty wife gave birth to their first child and first son, Miles Robert on September 12, 2011 but the couple, despite being happy with their little bundle of joy, decided to have one more and Jill eventually became pregnant with their second child on 2013. Their second child was born in mid-2014 who was also a son. The couple named their sweet angel Isley Ray. The proud mother and father didn’t disclose the news about the birth of Isley Ray until November 2014. They finally shared the good news with the media and public after three months of his birth.

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Howerton and his wife Latiano who tied the knot on September 8, 2009 announced the news of Isley’s birth via The US Weekly magazine.

“We're announcing our baby tonight," Howerton told the magazine. "We just had another baby three months ago and no one knows about it," his wife added.

The elder brother Miles got a younger sibling and seemed pretty happy. So is the father of two really ready for a few more kids? Or is it just a rumor?

The rumor about the couple looks like a mere guess but actor husband might think about it later in future. For now the hot speculation about the new parents will have to remain a rumor as the couple is currently enjoying their life with their two sons, love of their lives. Miles was already a huge source of happiness for Jill and the messy black haired Glenn. With the birth of their second son that happiness has doubled and the pair is over the moon with their children. The Twitter and Instagram of both the parents are filled with sweet pictures of their babies. So the hearsay tale about their plan for another kid can wait.