Actor George Eads and wife Monika, married since 2011, get their house renovated in "Flipped out"

HitBerryPublished on   24 Aug, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

Jeff Lewis, Hollywood’s most sought after designer and real estate speculator, over saw the renovation at the house of Actor George Eads and Monika Casey’s. The couple, apparently, took almost two years to complete the renovations at the house, which was previously owned by actor Bruce Willis.

Lewis, who runs the show ‘Flipped Out’ had a featured show of the Eads residence in which George did not look to be pleased about the renovated home. Eads turned out to be very picky and admitted to never before having used a designer for home décor. He went on to complain about the couch.

Eads has been married to Monika Casey since 2011 and they have a child together. They met on a blind date, after which they were seen together frequently attending award ceremonies   Eads wife, Casey, is an actress and producer. Eads is reportedly worth 13 million US dollars in net worth. In 2014 his salary was $ 1,575,000.

Eads got his break in the industry through the TV shows Savannah. Eads has worked in a number of other T.V shows and worked on a film Gunshots in which he plays a professional poker player. Eads also has a few guest-starring roles in the hit TV show Two and a Half Men. He has appeared in TV films like Monte Walsh and Evel Knievel.  

He is best known for his role in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation as Nick Stokes. In 2004 he was fired briefly for failing to show up for shoot’s which the tabloids mentioned was for a pay rise. But later, Eads confirmed that he had been over sleeping and was later rehired by the network.  He worked in the series for 15 seasons and is set leave after the end of the current season .Eads wife Monika is awaiting the release of her upcoming movie Miles which is set to release in 2016.

Eads has won a Screen Actors Guild Award along with the cast of CSI in 2005 for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series.

Eads grew up in Texas and has an elder sister who is an attorney. He has a degree in Mass communication from Texas Tech University. He is also part owner of the Hollywood eatery Cinespace which is a diner and a movie place.  Before being a professional actor, he had a number of jobs: he was a copy machine salesman; he cleaned gym equipment and also used to put weights back at the gym. Eads came to Los Angeles in a borrowed pickup truck which he could only drive during the day because the headlights of the truck were broken. But, he has come a long way since.

Eads is forty-eight years of age and has a height of 1.80 meters tall (5'11"). He loves his toys and has two Harley Davidson’s and a Porsche 911 and a Cadillac Escalade. Eads is also a dog lover and owns a Labrador named Maverick. Ead’s Twitter Page is George Eads. He owns several apartments in Santa Monica.