Actor Gabriel Basso ready to start dating. What does he look for in a girlfriend?

December 5, 2015
First published on:December 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Gabriel Basso, the handsome twenty year old who had many young girls’ hearts fluttering after his performance in the movie “The Kings of Summer”, has expressed his intentions of dating.

In a recently conducted interview, the striking young actor shared what he looks for in a girlfriend. According to him, the most important trait a girl must possess in order to be his girlfriend is a honest and adventurous nature.

He also mentioned that although he accepts a casual relationship, he would not tolerate cheating in any form as it would go against his moral principle. Another trait that Basso looks for in a girl is, he expects his future girlfriend to be outgoing and independent by nature.

He has also said that he isn’t open to dating someone who is way older than he is. He says the age difference can be a maximum of two years. He has also said that he is, as of now, not open to dating anybody outside of the industry as there would be unwanted complications with the differences in work schedules.

Basso, so far, has been known to have only one girlfriend, a person named Claudia Valdez. They began dating while Basso was still in school. They had a cute affair until things went south for Basso when he found fame and Claudia began to take advantage of his celebrity status.

Basso, as an actor on a professional level, has had enormous success for a twenty year old. He has already had over a dozen movies and TV shows that he has been a part of. In 2015 itself, he has already starred in two major Hollywood movies, “Barely Lethal” and “Anatomy of Tide”.

He has recently just finished filming two more movies, which are set to release before the year ends this year and in the month of February next year. The movies have been titled “The Wizard” and “The Whole Truth” respectively.

He is currently filming for another movie titled “Ithaca”, which is set to premiere in early summer of 2016. Some of his other notable works have been in movies such as “The Kings of Summer “and “Super 8”.

Basso’s parents are of Italian descent and his father Louis J. Basso was a popular theater actor during the 90’s. His mother Marcie Basso was a home tutor who helped underprivileged children from Gabriel’s neighborhood. She still continues to do humanitarian work.

Gabriel is just twenty years old and stands at 1.83 meters in height. Due to his awesome physique, he has been asked to go shirtless in many of his movies and was seen shirtless in a number of scenes in the movie, ”The Kings of Summer”.

Gabriel is a popular figure among young girls and young women on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  He has over 300K followers in total from various social media outlets.

His net worth remains undisclosed.

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