Actor Freddie Stroma and 'Unreal' co-star Johanna Braddy dating, admitted to their affair

HitBerryPublished on   20 Aug, 2015Updated on   21 May, 2021

From reel life to Real Life, UnReal actors Johanna Braddy and Freddie Stroma are reportedly dating.

With Stroma's smaller role in the Harry Potter movies and Braddy's roles in several teen dramas, both actors are comparatively new to the TV world. The pair are co-stars in the hot new Lifetime drama UnReal. And apparently, their romance has spilled over to their real life. Their involvement was revealed by another co-star, Constance Zimmer. In a periscope video, Zimmer Says, "Can I give you guys some really insider information?" 

 "You know sometimes those reality shows are real and people do stay together and find each other on the show."

 The camera then panned towards Braddy and Stroma as their co-stars cheered them on.

"They are a couple. You guys, we made true love," Zimmer added. "Little did you guys know that we had real love behind the scenes of our show."

"We hope it is everlasting," added fellow cast mate Josh Kelly.

"Everlasting" is the fictional show on which the actual show (Unreal) is set. The show inside the show focuses on Stroma's character, Adam, the son of a rich British Businessman, looking for a girlfriend (and a possible wife) on Reality Television.  Braddy's character, Anna is one of the contestants on the show. Anna, a lawyer is a smart girl looking for romance with Adam. Talking about her character, Braddy has said,

"She's been really career-driven her whole life. And her father's addiction meant that she spent a lot of time caring for her family and never really putting a priority on relationships. She doesn't have a lot of experience with men in that department. When the opportunity to come on Everlasting came about, I think she had this moment of, "You know what? Screw it. I'm going to put myself out there." She'd never found that romantic outlet or opportunity anywhere else."

Talking about Anna's feelings for Adam, Braddy said, "Absolutely legitimate feelings. I think that's the only reason Anna came back after her father's funeral — she believed that he cared for her and she does have an attraction for him. She wouldn't stay if she didn't have actual feelings; she's a smart girl who doesn't want to be embarrassed or to waste her time. But I think it's impossible not to get at least a little wrapped up in the competitive side. Imagine being surrounded by only women and one guy — you go a little nuts. It becomes, at some point, every girl for herself, even if you don't like the guy in the first place."

However, Anna and Adam did not end up marrying since Adam's heart belongs to the producer, Rachel (Shiri Appleby).

In a show with affairs, drama, heartbreak and even deaths, a failed romance isn't improbable.

Season 2 of UnReal is out in 2016 and according to the crew and cast's Instagram and Twitter accounts, Viewers should expect even more drama.