Actor Fisher Stevens hopes to get married and settle down with wife and kids before the age of 60???

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry


American actor, director, producer and writer Fisher Stevens, currently single, has a plan to settle down very soon with wife and kids.  The actor, who is only known to be have previously been dating Michelle Pfeiffer for three years,  is apparently done with being single.

After the break-up with his girlfriend, Fisher seemed a bit pessimistic about relationships and preferred to stay single.

An insider close to the actor has reported that he does have a plan to settle down within the next decade. The 52 year old Fisher apparently hopes to have settled down by the time he is 60. Though has not officially declared any new relationship, maybe he has found someone and wishes to tie the knot? Or perhaps he is still searching!

Apparently, the single and lonely life that he led for many years has finally made him realize his immense need of family.

“I really wanted to be born a woman. It all started there. A South American woman. And I'm upset that I was born a white Jewish male. I've been angry since.” This statement provided by Fisher in an interview had made many of his fans suspect him to be gay. Some even interpreted this to be the result of his huge break-up and loneliness. But, currently, we have no evidence regarding his sexuality, hence we cannot say anything for sure.

Whatever the reason was, this is great news for every single fan worried about Steven’s single life. He has finally decided to marry someone, have children and settle down before his sixties. Well, we all hope to see this “thin, white Jewish kid from Chicago” happily married within the next few years. We really hope his latest decision regarding marriage will stand strong and not end in a divorce.

 Fisher Stevens, who was born in Chicago, moved with his mother to New York when he was 12 years old. Soon after, he decided to become an actor and began taking acting lessons while attending auditions.

Fisher made his motion picture debut when he was at the age of 16 in the horror film The Burning (1981). After that, he appeared in many movies and TV shows. Stevens made his major theatrical directing debut with John Leguizamo's one-man show, Ghetto Klown (originally called Klass Klown) in June 2010.  In the same year, he co-founded a new media and documentary film company, Insurgent Media, with Andrew  Karsch and Erik H. Gordon.

Stevens won the Oscar for best documentary feature for co-producing The Cove in 2010. Another of his work – American Masters was nominated in Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding non-fiction series. His list of achievements include a Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US,Festróia - Tróia International Film Festival Awards, and PGA Awards.

Fisher has a net worth of $8 million dollars.