Actor Eriq La Salle, age 53, plans on never ever getting married or starting a family???

Eriq La Salle may be planning on never getting married or starting a family.


Eriq La Salle Past Relationship 

Previously, Eriq had been dating his girlfriend, Angela Johnson. They even got engaged in 1998. Rumors say that the couple was well on their way to getting married. They even bought a nice vacation house together but unfortunately broke up soon after.

The cause of their problem is still not disclosed, but considering the fact that it happened so suddenly right when they were planning on getting married, it might have been pretty serious.

Like many other celebrities, Eriq is very secretive about his personal life. Not much has been revealed about his dating profile, but he does not seem to be married right now, nor does he seem to have any girlfriend. While there have been some rumors floating around saying he's gay, it isn't true.

In an interview for his book 'Law of Depravity: Revised Edition' Eriq was asked if he is seeing someone who he wants to make his wife. He stated that he is not seeing anyone right now, and it is highly unlikely that he will.

This may suggest that he might not be planning to start a family anytime soon. In yet another interview, when he was asked directly if he ever plans on getting married, he didn't give any clear-cut response.

La Salle has previously stated that Angela was a great influence in his life. He further stated that even though they have broken up, he still seems to have trouble letting another woman in his life. His fans, however, think that it is high time he has found himself someone to spend his life with.

Take A Look At Eriq La Salle's Career 

La Salle is well known for his performance as an actor and his contribution as a director and a producer. He has appeared in various movies, but he is perhaps most known for his role as Darryl in 'Coming to America' (1988) and as Dr. Peter Benton in the American TV show 'ER.' He is also an occasional writer. Laws of Depravity: Revised Edition is one of his more acclaimed books.

Eriq CAPTION: Eriq La Salle is also a writer SOURCE: Instagram @eriqlasalle

Some of his recent works can be seen in the movies, such as A Second Chance at Love and Logan. Currently, the Primetime Emmy nominated actor is working on his new project named I Do Again.

Also active in social media, Eriq has a lot of followers on Twitter. He is also active on Instagram and has posted a lot of pictures for his fans. He is very grateful to his fans for their support.

He is said to be a man of pleasing personality and is loved by his co-workers and fans alike. La Salle is the type of person who likes to chill out and goof off and have fun with his friends. Eriq is also trained in martial arts.

Eriq La Salle Net worth In 2022

La Salle earns a good sum of money in his career. He is featured in several movies and tv series through which he obtained a decent amount of money. Various sources have revealed his net worth to be from $25 million to around $40 million. He is also included in Atlanta Black Star's list of 54 richest black male celebrities.

Eriq CAPTION: Eriq La Salle is also a cast of ER SOURCE: Instagram @eriqlasalle

All of his income came from his professional career as an actor. No doubt, he has received a good sum of money as Salle has worked in various big-budget movies that have done well in the industry. Not to mention, he has worked with various figures, including James Brolin, with whom he has starred together in a movie, Blackout.