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Actor Enrique Murciano showing no signs of dating since his break up with ex-girlfriend Lily Cole. Has he given up on love?

September 27, 2015
First published on:September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Break ups are hard for everyone, whether it’s your first or your tenth. The common thing between all break ups is that one’s heart is broken and dealt a severe blow. While some come out of it easily. it’s harder for others to move on and some are even damaged permanently. One should always carefully rethink one’s strategy to get over a breakup with clear cut conscience and not be overwhelmed by emotions as it can be dangerous. Sentiment is a human error and should be avoided specifically while in the phase of heartbreak.

Some celebrities, like normal people, have a harder time getting over breakups. What makes that process even harder is that they have a lot of eyes on them. Enrique Murciano is the American actor who thrilled the world with his acting abilities in the popular mystery drama Without a Trace and he seems to be going through something similar. Enrique was a in a serious relationship with actress Lily Cole from the year 2008 to early 2012 before going through a devastating heart break. Since then, he seems to have given up on love.

Enrique was shocked as to the timing of the break up. Less than six weeks prior, he and Lily had gone for a month long vacation to the Caribbean and had come back even more in love than when they had left. While Enrique was having a rather tough time getting over the relationship, Lily did not seem too affected as she was seen enjoying an evening with model David Gandy just two weeks after the split.

David and Lily were seen at numerous parties from then on and on-lookers have stated that they looked extremely friendly and very cozy with each other.  Some sources claim that Enrique and Lily separated as they were struggling to see each other because had been extremely bust with their respective work.

Lily, after her break up, began focusing on her finals as she was set to appear for her A-level Cambridge examinations the following month and Enrique was filming his new TV show in L.A. He did not seem to be in the best of spirits throughout the filming, sources claimed.

Sources close to Enrique have said that, during his relationship with Lily, he was like a love struck teenager with nothing on his mind other than Lily.

Enrique is already 41 years old while Lily has just turned 26 this year. The age difference between the two clearly says that Lily wasn’t looking for anything serious while Enrique had nothing else on his mind but a serious relationship.  

Enrique is 6ft1 in height and remains the only boyfriend of Lily’s to be taller than her. Lily was 5 ft 10 inches tall. Enrique clearly is nowhere near in terms of popularity with Lily on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. He can be followed on Twitter @enriquetwiter and on Instagram under the username enriquemurciano.

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