Actor Eion Bailey quits new HBO TV Show Westworld a week after singing in. Could his girlfriend be behind this?

Actor Eion Bailey, aged 39, was on cloud nine after he was cast in the role of Logan in HBO’s sci-fi drama, Westworld. But unfortunately, the actor had to quit the job soon after because of the schedule conflict.

HBO’s Westworld, a story about a futuristic theme park where robots go crazy and attack the guests and visitors, added a few more new roles and casted several other actors including Clifton Collins, Jr., Jimmi Simpson and Danish actress Sidse Babbett Knudsen for different characters. The casting of new faces took place when The Lord of the Rings star Miranda Otto left the project after bagging an important role in the upcoming fifth season of Showtime’s Homeland.

Fans of Eion Bailey were pretty excited when the Fight Club actor was cast as Logan, a “louche bachelor and veteran Westworld guest”. But, the actor had to depart from the much awaited show as he could not manage his time. He has now been replaced by Narnia: Prince Caspian fame Ben Barnes. Bailey, who is quite busy in other TV shows as well, announced his departure from Westworld within a week of the announcement of the new team.

The show has a star studded cast of people like James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright and Ed Harris. Now, it looks like Bailey has lost the golden opportunity to work alongside legendary actor, Anthony Hopkins.

Though schedule conflict is the official reason behind his quitting, there are some who think otherwise. An anonymous source has come forward to reveal a secret behind Bailey leaving the highly anticipated show.

The source blamed Bailey’s girlfriend Sarah Wells for everything. The source said that it was her who forced him to leave the show a week after his casting. “Sarah is a jealous type. She knew it was a great chance for her boyfriend to make it big in the show business. He is talented but still struggling in the field of acting. He wants to achieve the height of success that everybody dreams of,” said the insider.

It added: “She has always been the kind of a girl who never seems to be satisfied with her lover’s work. She is jealous of the women he talks to and the actresses he works with. She tries to make all the decision of his career. You know what? Even if her man gets to work opposite Meryl Streep, she would not allow him to do so if she does not like the script or if she thinks the role is too romantic.”

The informant snorted while explaining this. It seems as if this person didn’t really like Wells. It kept on talking more about the woman as if he could go on for eternity. It added jokingly: “But Eion is a gentleman. He loves her so much that he would not dare go against her. He is quite caring and loving but if following every order your girl tells you to follow is love then, I don’t want it.”

When asked if female actors and his partner’s bossiness were the only reason behind her disapproval, then the informant said yes.