Actor Dylan Bruno and his wife Emmeli Hultquist, married since 2006, having their third baby??

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   04 Jan, 2016

Dylan Bruno, the former Calvin Klein model turned actor who took the world by storm by his performance on the hit TV show Numb3rs, has just announced to his closed friends and family that he and his wife Emmeli Hultquist are expecting their third child, claim sources.

Sources claim that the couples recently made this announcement and are very thrilled and excited to welcome a new member to their family. They have also said that they had been trying for their third child for quite some time. Finally, all of their dedication has shown fruit.

Dylan and his wife Emmeli are said to be expecting the baby in the month of April. They have also decided that they want the baby to be born in their house and are making sure all the requirements are in order for the procedure, claim sources.

Dylan has also reportedly said that his two children are as ecstatic as them to welcome their younger sibling into their family. They have been helping around the house to reduce stress for Emmeli. The couples have also said that they do not wish to know the sex of the baby till the delivery day, unlike the norms of today’s world.

Dylan has also said he and his wife have yet to think of a name for the child. However, they wish to baptize him in their local church. Emmeli has also been receiving help from her friends and family and has asked her mother to come live with her so she can get all the help available.

Dylan and Emmeli first met in the year 2004, after which they were dating for about a year and a half before they were engaged. They were married in 2006 and in ten years have had two children between them.

Dylan and Emmeli have also hinted that after the delivery of their third child, they are not planning to have children anymore and they are content with what the lord has given them.

Dylan, as a professional, has had a successful career so far. He has already starred in over a dozen prominent movies and over a dozen TV shows. He was recently seen in the 2015 hit TV show “Narcos”.  He is currently working in an undisclosed project with a major studio.

Some of his most note worthy performances have come from movies and TV shows like ”Saving Private Ryan”, Numb3rs”,” NCIS” ,”Taken 3”and “The One”. He is also known for doing voice over work for several popular consumer products like “Bacardi”, ”Chevrolet”, ”Jeep”, and “Sony”.

Dylan is just 43 years of age and has said he wants to work well into his old age. He stands at a height of 1.79 meters.