Actor DJ Qualls shares his opinion on dating and getting married

January 10, 2016
First Published On: January 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor DJ Qualls doesn’t have a body similar to that of a Greek god. He is by no means the most attractive of Hollywood celebrities. However, his awkwardness seems to do the trick for the actor. Despite his average looks, the actor has a very big fan following and a huge number of people interested in dating him.

The actor has recently revealed his opinions about dating and getting married for everyone interested in him in a recent interview. He stated that two people should date only if they are totally compatible with one another. He also believes that the husband and wife should be of same age range.

“He is a nerd. He has always been a nerd. It is likely that he will marry someone who is just as interested in comic books and science fiction as he is”, a source close to the actor told our reporters. The source also claimed that the actor would actually prefer that his future wife or girlfriend comes from same professional background as him. He reportedly believes that this would help him overcome any misunderstanding in the relationship.

The actor reportedly believes that he will only get married after accomplishing everything he wishes to accomplish in his life. He believes that marriage could be a hindrance in achievement of one’s professional goals. The actor, himself, wants to get married only after achieving professional success.

Qualls has had a very successful professional life. So, it is not surprising that he has dated some famous names in Hollywood. He dated actress Nikki Reed for over a year in 2007. Even after their separation, the two reportedly remain very good friend. His separation with Reed earned him some bad media publicity. He has been keeping his love life a secret ever since.

The actor’s first acting role was as Jason in the 1998 miniseries ‘Mama Flora’s Family’. His first major role was in the 2002 comedy, Road Trip. After that, he has acted in several popular movies and TV shows. The performance he gave in movies like The New Guy and sci-fi film The Core are very well received. Qualls also co-produced the 2002 movie, Comic Book Villains.  

Qually has also made appearances in music videos by popular artists like Beyonce and Simple Plan. He is also known for his appearance in popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, My Name is Earl and Breaking Bad. He also performs as a model.

The actor is very active in social media platform. He regularly keeps his fans informed about his movie projects, personal life and preference through his Twitter. He can be followed @TheOnlyDJQualls on Twitter. 183k of his fans follow the actor on Twitter.

The net worth of the American actor is estimated to be $5 million dollars.