Actor David Harewood, age 49, admits in an interview that he wants to be the first black James Bond

December 1, 2015
First Published On: December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Daniel Craig, the actor playing the role of Agent 007 famously stated he would rather have his wrist sliced than play another James Bond movie. This meant that the time for the actor to play the main man in the series was all but over. This has also given rise to a lot of speculations about who would be the next actor to play the iconic role of Agent 007.

The role of Agent 007 is among the most recognizable ones in the industry. The role of the sophisticated British spy in the longest running movie franchise all but guarantees worldwide popularity to the actor playing it. With fast cars, fancy gadgets and immaculate style Agent 007 has nearly billions of fans worldwide – global recognition is all but guaranteed after playing James Bond. This has resulted in several celebrities openly admitting that they would be interested in playing the role of Agent  007 .

Actor David Harewood has also now joined the likes of Tom Hardy,  Jason Statham and several other popular actors who have openly admitted to being interested in playing the lead role in the upcoming James Bond movies. David Harewood, who is 49 years of age, aims to be the first black man to ever play the role of James Bond.

The 49-year-old actor in his recent interview said: 'Everyone wants to be James Bond and there’s a queue of guys ahead of me - but I will throw my hat into the ring.' With loads of enthusiasm for the role and natural talent, Harewood could be the perfect guy for the production team, who might be looking to make Agent 007 racially diverse.

The actor, who was born in Birmingham, UK, reportedly believes that he will naturally fit into the role of the British spy as he was born and raised in England. The actor believes he has all the attributes required to play the leading role in a James Bond movie. His fans claim that, him getting the iconic role, would help blur the line of racial discrimination that still exists in cinema today.

Star of the hit TV series "Homeland", Harewood has given impressive performances in movies like "Blood Diamond" and "MI-5". He was also nominated for Screen Guild Actors Award in 2013. The star of 2012 movie "The Man Inside" has also made several appearances in TV shows like "Doctor Who", "Treasure Island" and "Selfie" to name a few.

David Harewood married his long time partner Kristy Handy on February of 2013. They have two daughters. He has stated in his interviews that his daughters are also fans of the James Bond movie franchise. He believes playing the role of Agent 007 would be a great gift for them.