Actor David Giuntoli talks about his character tangent in NBC drama Grimm after the death of his girlfriend

November 2, 2015
First published on:November 2, 2015
by HitBerry

The fifth season of the NBC American police procedural fantasy television drama series has already started, but with much darker tone. The fourth season of the series ended earlier this year with the death of actor David Guintoli’s character Nick Burkhardt’s girlfriend Juliette Silverton played by Bitsie Tulloch. And remember Tulloch and Guintoli are real life couple as well.

Before proceeding, we would like to warn all the Grimmsters that the article contains Spoilers for the show.

After the death of Juliette, Grimm which was already dark from the beginning, has turned even darker as Nick has started travelling on a darker path because of the pain caused by his beloved’s death, actor David says. According to the actor, Nick has always been a much closer part of dark in Grimm and his character will be the darkest of all time as he would be seeking revenge upon those who are responsible for her death. David also revealed that though his lovers’ death has pulled Nick towards the vengeance, it is not the only factor behind his inclination towards dark. David pointed out that Nick’s mother’s head was delivered to Nick in a box.

Though he sought sanctuary in darkness, Nick is fighting to stay under the light for his son Kelly, named after his beloved dead mother. Kelly was conceived by his mortal enemy Adalind Schade after Nick slept with her during a ritual in order to take his powers where Adalind disguised herself as Juliette.

“The new baby is in tremendous danger,” David said. “Nick, basically, wants to take it into a bunker with him and Adalind. And you will see that maybe we do. I want to get out of the house. My priority is I want ;;to keep this baby safe. And the best way to do that is to pack up and leave. Get the hell out of Dodge.”

David admitted his feeling during the season four finale when he felt as if the writers were writing to put an end to the whole show.  “It was funny. It was as if the writers were writing for a [series] finale,” he stated. “And I could sense that they were really ramping up the drama and the stakes. It felt like no character was safe. And all the actors were like, ‘We’re going to die. See you guys… never.'”

Besides disclosing all the secrets for the new season, the actor also revealed that the character of Juliette was actually dead. And he also petrified the fans of the show by saying that no character in the series was safe now. The series surely has taken David, aged 35, to the height of his career.

Grimm is a twisted police drama cum fantasy series inspired by Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales. Make sure to watch every episode of the new season.

David has been dating Bitsie since last year.


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