Actor David Costabile and his wife Eliza Baldi reportedly plan on having a lot of children

HitBerryPublished on   08 Jan, 2016Updated on   08 Jan, 2016

David Costabile, the surprising breakout star from Breaking Bad, and his wife Eliza Baldi apparently plan to have plenty of children, claim sources. They had their first child last April.

Sources have said that David and Eliza are just thrilled to be parents to their new-born baby. They have also been known to say that they never knew that the child was going to bring about so much happiness into their life and their families.

David and Eliza have said that they plan to have more children and hope the process runs as smoothly as it did with their first child, claim sources. They have also reportedly said that they would be very happy if they were able to have twins.

David and his wife want their next baby to be born at home, now that they are experienced with the birthing process and know how to go about things, claim sources. They have decided so because, sources claim, Eliza found the hospital to be very uncomfortable and intimidating.

David and Eliza were long time couples before they decided to get married in 2012. They were rumored to be dating for at least seven years before marriage. David has said that the delay was not due to any issue other than the simple fact that they both could not find the right time, until they did, claim sources.

David and Eliza were married in June 25th in 2012 at the Kings Oaks Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania .Like her husband David ,Eliza too is an actress and has been featured in a few movies so far.

David, on the other hand, has been having a very successful run in his career as a professional actor in the recent years. The last three years, especially, have turned out to be the best years for him as an actor. He received wide spread recognition for his role in the hit TV show “Breaking Bad” and more recently for his performance in “Suits”.

The other TV shows that he has made appearances in are ”The Wire”, ”Flight of the Conchords”, “Damages” and “The Office”. David’s most notable performance in movies have come from ”Solitary Man”, “The Bounty Hunter” , “Lincoln” , “Side Effects” and “Runner Runner”.

David is currently awaiting the release of his latest movie, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, which is directed by Michael Bay. It is scheduled to be release this Friday. Fans have been anticipating the release of this movie for a long time.

David is 49 years of age and has told sources that he wants to act well into his seventies. David is also known to be an extremely good poker player.

David’s net worth has been estimated to be $1.5 million dollars.