Actor Daniel Curtis Lee, known for dating multiple co-stars, distressed by gay rumors

December 11, 2015
First Published On: December 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Daniel Curtis Lee, the former Nickelodeon star, has denied all claims of him being gay. He was even rather abrasive about his defense and took the matter way too seriously.

Daniel was angered to the point of violence when he came to know about the rumor, according to his close aides. He was, above all, hurt because of the rumor. Daniel, who had been very supportive of the LGBT movement in recent times, has been very distressed from the blatant misinterpretation.

Daniel also confessed that the reason he was outspoken about the LGBT movement was because, while in his youth, one of his close friends was regularly ostracized and bullied for being gay. His friend was put through a lot of mental and verbal torment, so much so that he committed suicide.

Daniel, in his good heart, did not want this to happen to any other person and it this was his reason to support the movement. Sources close to Daniel have said that Daniel was angered due to the deep emotional and sentimental connection he had with the issue.

Daniel himself is straight and has been known to have a number of girlfriends in the past. When he first became a celebrity, Daniel was dating a lot of girls and sources close to him have said many of the girls were his co-stars or colleagues from various projects.

Daniel, who has only made a handful of appearances on TV, has yet to make a breakthrough in the movies. However, he has already been a part of popular shows like “The Shield” and “First Monday”.  He has also been featured in cameo roles in popular movies “Friday After Next” and” The Rising Student”. But he has yet to make a mark as an actor.

As a rapper and a singer he has been quite the success story and has, so far, been able to collaborate with the biggest names like” Keisha” and “Mariah Parks”. His most viewed songs on YouTube are ”Last One” and "Dream Big".

Daniel is currently working on a studio album with Capital Hill Studio and is all set to release his album in the summer of 2016. He has also said he is sure that his album will top the summer charts next year.

Daniel, unlike his peers, is not much into social net working and communicates with his fans through various pod cast and radio interviews. He holds profiles in various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, but is known never to use them.

He also recently moved from Mississippi to Long Beach, California to complete his album. He is currently living with his parents in California. His parents are both musicians and have taught him to play guitars, drums and the saxophone.